He may have left the building..

.. But He’s always in our radios, televisions, hearts, and occasionally in our sight. Yes, I have seen Elvis, although not recently, relaxing on the seashore.

Dear Lexington Town Planners:
Perhaps it wasn’t the wisest idea to have three of the main arteries into town of both local traffic and commuters simultaneously under construction. A few mornings recently have been pretty bad trying to drive anywhere in Lexington (MA, of course). I know, you need to get it done before 1) school starts and/or 2) winter strikes, but still, it’s kind of a mess still.

Thanks B!
We all had a mostly wonderful weekend visiting a friend at their beautiful house in the country. Roxanne was even amazingly well behaved, probably because there were so many new places to run around and play in. It’s a shame our after-lunch was so, er, bumpy, but we’re certainly looking forward to visiting again, I hope!

These notes brought to you by:
beautiful summer weather (not over 100F, thankfully) and double-strength iced coffee. More regular programming will resume shortly; I have a number of mental drafts to complete which should provide regular readers with some amusement.