Shorts Alert – color: white

Just a friendly warning to Cambridge residents today that I am wearing shorts today, just in case some of you are the type to be offended. Either of men wearing shorts in the winter – some, I believe feel it’s un-Yankee – or of wearing white after labor day. I never bought into the no white after labor day in any case.

I will freely admit that my M.T.F.S. – Minimum Temperature For Shorts – has risen with my age. In college, it was around 40°F. Several years after that, I realized that as much as I love shorts, my M.T.F.S. had risen to about 50°F, since that was comfortable, and I didn’t need to prove anything else. Now as I have a child, I’ve realized I’ve let my M.T.F.S. slip into the mid-50’s, just out of practicality.

This is not at all to detract from the highly respected French Toast Alert, popularized by Universal Hub, which Adam has properly set to today’s level: Low. Rather, this is more of a style warning system, applying more to social situations, rather than being a warning about shopping situations (and potential riots when the alert goes to high and there are stampedes for milk, eggs, and bread).

This is really a chance to recognize those hearty souls who prefer the freedom of shorts. This also goes out to the old Lotus 1-2-3 team’s build lab staff, all of whom wore shorts. Especially one who admitted that he occasionally put on wind pants – but only when shoveling more than a foot of snow. And to a new friend we’ve discovered through daycare – hi Sam!

I’m also wearing a bright green sweater, too. Hee hee hee.