I need a NAS

An update to my previous post: my backup drive has started failing this week as well, capping off what’s been a stressful couple of weeks. It’s not completely dead – I have strong hopes of being able to copy it’s contents – but it’s clearly not happy.

Does anyone have strong personal suggestions for a home 1TB NAS that’s fairly easy to setup and has at least basic media streaming features? RSVP ASAP since I’ll be heading to MicroCenter and buying a new one tomorrow.

I is a geek, so I’m happy doing some hacker setup, but when it comes to backup and file storage, I mostly want it to just work. I’d also prefer something reasonably quiet and power efficient; print server will be a bonus for when I buy a printer that actually works; both easy Mac and Windows access required. Although it sounds silly, RAID would be nice, since I know once I get it setup it’ll be a while before I actually get around to backing it all up to organized DVDs.

Update: Thanks to the thousands of callers who’ve dialed in to comment and remind me that of course what I’m looking for is a NAS, not a NAT. Just one last speleling mistake to cap off the past weak. And yes, I’d prefer one of the linux ones; in this particular case I’d rather pull a little more hair out trying to get it to work rather than selling just a little bit more of my soul for proprietary software.