BMW Upgrade: E36 for sale, wanted

It’s come to that point in life where it’s time to upgrade my car. Hence shortly (May?) I’ll actually be ready to sell my currently beloved BMW, and will want to buy a new (used) car. A BMW, of course; actually just a newer version of the one I have if I can get it. I’m simple sometimes.

For Sale (soon):
1995 BMW 318i E36 sedan, stick, sunroof, black exterior with tan faux leather interior, 155K+ miles. Excellent to very good condition throughout.

Upgraded speakers and Sony 25Wx4 stereo with 10 CD changer. Viper alarm with passive arming. 15in steels with Michelins, locking lugnuts, Recent Bilstein HD’s. Original jack, full size spare, toolkit, etc. etc.

I can highly recommend my independent BMW mechanic, Marc Feinstein, who’s been doing all my service in Cambridge recently, who I’m sure would be happy to do a mechanical check if you desire.

Likewise, I can highly recommend Mike Noonan’s Autobody shop, who has (full disclosure here) done several minor dent removals / scratch fixes (no frame work). Both front quarter panels are brand new, completely rustproofed inside & out by Mike, to replace the obvious rust spots that had developed. Very minor rust bubbles on bottom of front of rocker panel.

No track time. Second owner (bought @33k miles). Service records available (BMW dealer through 100K miles of extended warranty; local independent BMW mechanics since then).

Wanted (at the same time, obviously):
1997-1998 E36 sedan.
Requirements: stick, OEM sunroof/moonroof. Excellent condition throughout. Low mileage. No accidents; no or low track time.

Preferred: either stock stereo or top of the line upgraded stereo. Leather or excellent condition faux leather interior. Non-M 6 cylinder. Non-ugly color (original paint). Otherwise, it’s all about the condition vs. price.

The reason I’m unlikely to consider an E46 is that the road feel just isn’t the same as the E36, which IMO is likely the best and most even handling production sedan ever made by man.

I sometimes feel it’s a bit silly to simply upgrade only 2-3 years and ~50K miles. But I’d both like to try something new, and to not have to worry about so much maintenance for a few more years, before all the E36’s … get too old. But I’ve had this car – which I love dearly – for over 10 years, so I think it’s time to treat myself to something new. Even if it will be used.

One thought on “BMW Upgrade: E36 for sale, wanted

  1. Don’t tease me like that.
    I too live in Cambridge, albeit, the other side of the pond, and for a minute there I thought you may have found a good BMW technician.

    Why oh why can’t I find one.

    Good luck with the sale by the way.

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