Overly intelligent spam

I just moderated through a comment on my other blog (about trademarks in open source) that, while simple, was relevant to a previous post. Then I followed the link to the poster’s site, and noticed it was “Just another Article Directory” – oops, spam.

Reading the comment again, I see one of the things the cool spammers are doing today. The comment was relevant to the post – because they had scraped a previous comment and re-used the content! At first scan, I had thought it was two posts from the same person (impatient at my moderation delay). When I noticed the second username and website were different, I said ah-ha: just spam scraping. It was way too specific of a comment for a spammer to have typed it in by hand.

Thank goodness for Akismet – well, once it catches up to the spammer’s domain name, that is. Heck, now I’m trying to figure out what the spammer’s point is, especially since there aren’t any obvious ads or other income streams on the site itself.

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