Stuff I Need

  1. One Bridgestone Blizzak Revo 1 tire in size 185/65 R15. Just one, in good shape, to replace my lamented one.
  2. A current email address for Phelps Allis, a good friend from very long ago (married Sara Wolf, apparently).
  3. Salt & pepper packets, or mini shakers for my office. I need them about 5 times a year, but when I do, it’s really annoying to not have any.
  4. A fix for the WordPress 2.6.x plugin error Fatal error: amzlookup() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘AmazonShowcase_Assets/IsterXmlSimpleXMLImpl.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php’) in ~/blah/blog/wp-content/plugins/amazon-showcase-wordpress-widget/amazonshowcase.php on line 314 which affects another plugin (I suspect a 2.6.x issue with older plugins)
  5. Better time management skills, so I’m efficient at carving out chunks of time to get serious coding/writing tasks done, instead of fire fighting.
  6. Graphics-fu, to improve my ASF Swag tshirt shop.
  7. That magical Windows-based twitter/WordPress/blog/presence awareness/IM client that ties it all together. Twhirl is pretty and Trillan is useful, but…
  8. A serious yet compact espresso machine that actually fits under our counters.
  9. A way in Lotus Domino to display views with response hierarchies, but with only response and response to response documents: here, I need a categorized column that shows mid-level responses, and then a hierarchy of response-to-responses.
  10. A spare power plug (just the 3 wire cord from the wall to the power adapter) for a MacBook Pro.
  11. Maps, maps, maps. Preferably historical Boston. I already have Mapping Boston.
  12. A new roof. Sigh. Trying out 2Hat Design Build now.
  13. ApacheCon US 2008 attendees to fill out the survey I sent with thoughtful data, so we can better plan future conferences.
  14. A magic password manager that I trust has serious encryption, and is easy and flexible to use.
  15. Better and easier IMAP mail hosting. I’m not sure I want to go all GMail, but I’m sure getting sick of 1and1′s 20K message limit.
  16. A good pool in/near Arlington I can join. Special bonus points for salt water (instead of chlorine treated). My current exercise is too far away.
  17. To blog more. And another Vesper. Damn, they’re good. Please note, I’ve always loved gin.

In no particular order.

Merry Christmas, Belmont!

At least that’s what I’ve been thinking to myself, driving through downtown Belmont this week. What with the lovely greenery and wreaths strung across Leonard St. downtown. Very tasteful, and the central wreath includes a nice set of three giant candles, which I presume are lit at night. They’re very green and simple, not at all flashy like the nets of lights making holiday pictures that Cambridge strings across the street. Not that I don’t love the annual Harvard Square lights; they just wouldn’t fit in a quiet and sleepy downtown as Belmont.

What? Did you say something about November? I thought it was almost Christmas time?

Sorry? Are you sure? I’ve been traveling recently, so I may have mixed up which week it is.

Really? You don’t say. You mean I haven’t already had my Thanksgiving dinner? I thought I had eaten too much turkey and forgotten about it in all the napping after the big meal.

Seriously? I don’t believe you – Belmont’s got their decorations up already! Let me look at a calendar…

Wow! They put decorations up around about Veteran’s Day! That’s just crazy!

Personally, I am a big fan of holiday decorations and music, in my case, especially certain kinds of Christmas music. But I can definitely see how not everyone appreciates them, either at all, or more to the point quite so early. Stores are one thing; that’s capitalism. Radio stations are fine; it’s easy to switch the station (or, not listen to my Frank Sinatra Christmas Dreaming on my car radio, since my windows are closed!)

But town holiday decorations are something you can’t avoid, and should have a touch more propriety than to put them up as early as Veteran’s Day, something we should perhaps be celebrating with greenery or flowers for the veterans, not for the upcoming winter holidays.

Lexington has done a nice job decorating downtown, and nicely they waited until after Thanksgiving.

Arlington, MA detailed election results

I suppose it’s not big news – certainly no surprises in terms of who Arlington voted for – other than the 84.48% turnout reported. But it’s pretty damn cool to see our town government posting the detailed results by precinct for the complete election, before 8AM the next day, as a downloadable spreadsheet.

The unofficial voting results for Arlington for the Presidential Election held on November 4, 2008 can be found here.

Now if we can get the Town to use OpenOffice, we’ll be all set! Definitely interesting reviewing the per-precinct numbers on some of the ballot questions too.

Go to Bertrand’s Sling talk; get a polo!

OK, folks, this is a great blog post about ApacheCon from one of our speakers (also a director of the ASF):

We’ll be giving away nice Sling polo shirts at the end of my talk today, be there!

Here’s the complete source code of the mini blog application that I’m going to create, in stages, during the talk:

Thank you to all our speakers, and especially to everyone who adds to the ApacheCon experience in the blogosphere. Maybe I’ll start to catch up on my ApacheCon experience now that the conference has actually started…

Oooh – tshirts – if anyone is interested in my witty ASF Swag shirts, please order one, or just email me (for example, if you’d like a Committer- or Member- specific version).

Resting before a new day dawns

It will certainly be a nice new day for many of us tomorrow. Personally, I’m just focusing on getting some sleep before I help open up ApacheCon tomorrow morning at 9AM, welcoming everyone and introducing the one of the ASF’s founders and it’s current chairman, Jim Jagielski for his State of the Feather presentation.

Then the real fun begins with our first keynote from David Recordon on creating open web specifications. Then start our sessions, welcome reception and keysigning, evening parties, and so many other goodies you’ll have to just see the website for more.

Since I’m sadly behind in blogging due to too many things to do as conference lead, I’ll spare my regular readers from liveblogging here, and simply record my ApacheCon Experiences on another page. I hope to even include restaurant reviews, since we’ve hit a couple of good ones so far.

New Orleans To-Dos

A laundry list of things I’d like to do this week. The normal ones, not the conference ones.

  • Go shopping. Anyone up for a Whole Foods run, or is there any place else to get healthy snacks?
  • Visit the WWII museum, which is right down the street almost.
  • Try a ‘muff, a hurricane, and a few other local delicacies. I especially want to try some Café Brûlot Diabolique, which I’ve always wanted to try since reading The 100 Greatest Dishes of Louisiana Cookery.
  • Have a great dinner with good friends every night. At least every other night needs to include healthy food, however.
  • Walk through a couple of famous places in the French Quarter. Whichever ones the group I’m with trys out first.
  • See at least one of the levees. The whole concept of living in some land that’s below the local sea level is just… alien to me.
  • Have a great conference, and help out on next Saturday.
  • Have a small party in my hotel room. I got a really nice room this year.

MSY Airport Tip: There are two separate baggage claim areas. Bag claims 1 – 11 are at one end of the airport, claims 12 and up are down a loooong hall the other way. Ooops.

See everyone at ApacheCon soon!