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Local Weather, Food, Fun
It’ll be sunny and 74F days/55F nights. Local and Wunderground weather reports. The local paper has neat art all around town. Some great restaurants prefer proper attire. SeeWatchStrollHear or find NewOrleansTips.
How To Get There
New Orleans Airport (MSY) has ground transport options; cabs are ~$28 and hotel shuttles (866-596-2699) are ~$15. Head to the Sheraton New Orleans (504 525-2500) at 500 Canal St.; be sure to tell your ride the address (there are two Sheratons). Register on the 3rd floor.
Special Events & Saturday Voluntourism
Overviews: Schedule and Special events; get a tattoo; Signup for Tuesday BarCampApache; write your Lighting Talk for Thursday evening; win prizes for Hadoop Hacking; stay Saturday to help Volunteer.
Can’t Come To ApacheCon?
Watch it! Streaming video available; keynotes are free.

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Welcome to ApacheCon US 2008!

If you’re coming to ApacheCon, that’s what you’ll hear me say Wednesday morning, in the opening plenary to start the conference sessions, just before Jim does his State of the Feather. Of course, many folks will have started trainings, the Hackathon, or worked in the BarCamp for over two days at that point, and some of us will have been there over the weekend doing setup or future conference planning.

You can also read the welcome message in the printed program handed out in the attendee bags. For those of you who aren’t coming to this ApacheCon, here are some of the high points as I see them. (under the break)
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Vote TODAY! / Are you kidding me?

What’s all this fuss I hear about the youth of today saying don’t vote in today’s election?
It’s their civic duty to vote right now! They’ve got to get out to the polls and make their voice heard. Who cares about a little snow today, you can walk to the polls if you have to, I’ve done it in my day. But there’s no excuse for not casting your ballots today – you need to…

{Chevy Chase} Uh, excuse me; Miss Litella. The election is NEXT Tuesday, not today.

{Miss Litella} Pardon? I thought I saw that Ohio was voting today.

{Chevy Chase} No, presidential elections always occur on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November. It’s still October.

{Miss Litella} Oh. Never mind.

Yes, I’m planning to vote absentee today, since on election day I’ll be volunteering at ApacheCon. But looking at the ballot questions we have here in our great Commonwealth, I wonder: are you kidding me?

Question 1: Are you kidding me? Sure, you could vote yes on 1 if you:

  • Don’t have children
  • Don’t ever plan to have children
  • Don’t need an well-educated workforce in 10 years
  • Don’t drive across many bridges around here
  • Don’t plan on getting sick

While the MA government machinery could use improvements, I’ll go so far as to say it’s reckless to blindly chop 40% of it’s budget in just two years.

Question 2: Are you kidding me, dude?

Isn’t the main difference between alcohol and marijuana legislation an issue of social history? From the medical perspective, I’m really not sure I get the “danger” of marijuana, especially compared to alcohol. I don’t necessarily buy the specific ways they wrote the proposed legislation, but I really do wonder why it’s legally so bad to smoke something that’s likely to be notably less bad for you than alcohol will be. (Note: smoking in general – yuck! Feel free to do it downwind.)

Don’t get me wrong: I definitely recognize the larger danger of MA passing 2 and “semi-legalizing” marijuana. I foresee some of the rest of the nation screaming to kick us out of the union, since that’d clearly mean Massachusetts liberals have taken yet another crazy step past equal marriage, and we’d no longer be fit to be seen with. In the short term, this would be disastrous for Massachusetts, given the expense of importing everything across hostile borders, like food (Florida oranges), workers (southern New Hampshire), and sports teams to oppose (New York). But in the long term, this would be a huge blow to the rest of the country, for being deprived of our revolutionary spirit, and the graduates of Harvard, MIT and all the rest.

Question 3: Are you kidding me? What year is this?

Haven’t we done this before? In terms of fundamentals, I’m not sure I see the huge social connection and benefit of dog racing outweighing basic decency to animals. Again, I question the timeline and the details of the legislation, I’d be happier with more details, and thorough plans to make transitions for businesses and dogs alike. But I think I have to plead the dog’s case here, although I have to admit I’m a cat person myself.

In terms of the rest of the races, I’ll just point out a beautiful photo of a ballot (absentee).

French Toast Alert? Not in the French Quarter!

  Actually, I am affected by the recent French Toast Alert, which was just upgraded to Guarded as the result of the forecast for snow, albeit mostly in the ‘burbs, and not in the Hub proper. I’d say that it starts earlier every year, but then again, this is New England, so it could snow at any time. I fondly recall a foot+ snowstorm one May long ago, which thoroughly covered the bright pink azalea bushes my father had in the side yard at the time.

Nope, I’m still wearing shorts today, and am looking forward to wearing them at least part of next week too, for I shall be next to the French Quarter enjoying 70F days next week attending lovely ApacheCon US. If you’re attending too, please add your favorite links to our handy ApacheCon wiki, where everyone can participate. The famous Sally has already done her part in adding a ton of suggestions for FoodNewOrleans, and we still need more BOF Proposals too.

In any case, even if it does blizzard tomorrow, we’re fine: I bought eggs, bread, and milk yesterday, so my family is secure even in the case of Weather.

Wear the feather!

If you appreciate geek humor, and want to support the ASF, checkout ASF Swag, my new shop. It includes just a small selection (so far) of witty httpd error codes to amuse and astound your fellow geeks, all featuring the feather made famous by The Apache Software Foundation’s flagship project, httpd.

If you know what response code 100 is, you should keep reading (and drinking). If not, you can go ask #apache – it’s all already in the shop.

Use of the feather logo is licensed by the Public Relations Committee of the ASF. In exchange, a portion of all proceeds from feathered sales are donated to the ASF. There are just a handful of vendors who may sell products with the feather logo.

Special! 100% of all profits from sales between now and the end of ApacheCon US 2008 will be donated to the ASF. Also, if enough committers really like these shirts, I could arrange a bulk order (maybe with a “Committer” logo version, at cost!) for delivery at ApacheCon. Let me know!

Ice Cream Alert Level: Elevated for Arlington

This is an Elevated alert level. If this were an actual emergency, an audible warning tone would sound on your refrigerator.

No dessert for Arlington Arlington is currently facing a potential ice cream and frozen dessert foods shortage. The local Stop & Shop on Mass Av in Arlington has one of it’s two frozen food aisles unplugged and emptied. No ice cream nor frozen novelties were in evidence throughout the store.

Please note, panic is not mandated at this point: verification procedures for the procurement of frozen desserts at Johnnie’s Foodmaster, the next nearest supermarket, have not yet been completed. Stop and Shop also has planned for this contingency, and lists four other stores within a 5 mile radius of zip 02476; note however that time of day and traffic conditions may require you to plan for extra time and bring your own cooler and icepacks to ensure the proper temperature conditions of your purchases.

As always, the lactose intolerant should use caution when consuming milk-containing products.

HT2UH’s French Toast Alert System, which probably won’t be operational for almost another month – although with New England weather, you never know when it’ll snow.