My TV runs Win98!

I check back into the hotel – thank you Mary Anne for making the reservation after my flight home was cancelled! – and flip on the tv to rot some brain cells after an exciting week at a work conference.  And a Windows 98 “Windows is shutting down” screen pops up.  I pause, waiting for some ancient self-help video to proceed showing newbies how to use windows.  Nope, the TV has really crashed.  Ooops.

Just that channel (the interactive TV one), luckily.  Let’s go see what old show I can watch for half an hour before I pass out…

3 thoughts on “My TV runs Win98!

  1. Hello Shane! I used to joke the movie was named after me, although that doesn’t actually work. I was just talking with my wife about my name – she was saying that it’s really not that rare. I begged to differ. Do you get called Sean or Shawn a lot by people who don’t know you well yet?

  2. Could not find an email addy, but I guess this will suffice. I just wanted you to know that there is another person in the world with your name as well. I live in Pa. I did a search on my name because I know that MARCH is not a common last name at all and voila! Someone else has my name. Was named after the movie, and share the middle name of the actor who played Shane in the movie. Thought you might it find interesting. Good day!

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