Snow tires, meet snow

Living the irony; so to speak.  That’s not quite right, but it will do, lest I skip blogging at all.

Tried working at home, then drove down to the local tire shop to have the wunnerful (and cheap!) new tires put on Amy’s car.  The old ones had a few more weeks in them, but the new tires were already in the car just having picked them up from UPS, so why bother hauling them back and forth?  Even accounting for the local tire shop’s almost egregious pricing, I still came out ahead after getting an even bigger discount from

But that’s not what the story’s about.

Waitin’ for it to come around on the guitar.  Oh, wait, wrong story.

It’s just barely started serious flurries as I drive down there.  They mention it’s a wait for tire mounting – people in line and all that – no problem,  I brought both a book and my computer.  A while later, and ta-da, new tires.  (Actually all-seasons, but that’d ruin the title.)  So I walk out to the car and: bam, it’s really snowing, and it’s all over the road!  Wheeeee!

I actually drove into work, although it was mostly to go swimming at the club that happens to be there.  By the time I’m done and driving home, it’s really snowing, and everyone is pretty slow on the roadways.  Amy’s coming home early from work, but traffic is bad, so I need to pick up Roxanne.  No problem, I have new tires and 4 wheel drive today!

By the time we both get home, there’s nearly 3 inches of snow in the driveway, and my poor BMW (with decidedly non-new tires) has a little trouble getting up the hill.  What a day!

To double the irony, the brand new actual snow tires that I ordered for my BMW are scheduled to be put on – next Tuesday.  Probably just in time to wonder if I should switch to summer wheels, eh?