Sorry for the quietness: I pulled my back out early this week, and haven’t been able to sit at a computer for several days.  That, plus work that really needs to get done these two weeks, means I have been neglecting my “personal networking” duties.  Sigh.

Lesson: take care of your body, because you will really need it to work later on in life.  This applies throughout life, although as many adages about human aging go, the young are the ones with the most to benefit, but the least likely to heed.  It feels like my youth was definitely wasted on my younger years!

Heck, that’d be one of the best reasons to invent time travel (backwards, that is).  Sending yourself back to advise your younger self would have to be the best thing most people could do for themselves.

Gods, I never even knew (I didn’t know until just now; I have been in a state of not being aware of…) that Asimov wrote more articles about Thiotimoline!  I must start thinking about reading them soon!

I am… shane.curcuru.name

Goo-goo-ga-joob!  Many thanks to Sam’s instructions and CJ, I’m now running my own eponymous OpenID server.  Whoo-hoo, I am me!



OK, I haven’t finished the YADIS stuff yet, but hey, it works to sign in to various places.  I simplified the URLs a bit, and I think the best identity is your .name domain, instead of your blog address.  But that’s just me being all canonical about myself.

Hey – anyone have a way to login to your self-run WordPress install using an OpenID or the like?  One of my issues is posting to my blog securely.  Without buying an SSL cert for this specific domain name, I don’t think I can securely post entries without effectively sending the blog password in the clear.  Any tips?  (hmmm, should look at 2.1.2 release notes too).

The irony of melting snow

Actually, this was supposed to be a very different post, but the original eloquence has eluded me; hence you get this poor paltry approximation.

Have you ever had the brilliant flashes of insight when just waking up, in the shower, or when driving?  Not just the great ideas of how to do something – those usually work sooner or later.  No, I mean the ideas, concepts, or writing you come up with that seems so profound and appropriate that you just can’t wait to write it down.

But of course, you’re just waking up, or are in the car, so you can’t write it down just now.  (You can tell where this is going, right?)  So you resolve that as soon as you sit down at your computer you’re going to blog it, and say something really witty on the internet, and get a slice of your 15 seconds of fame.  But of course, you don’t.

By the time you finish your shower, or get to work, you’ve mostly forgotten about the idea.  Then you have to do expense reports, or answer questions, or something mundane, which leads to some other productive work, which leads to lunchtime.  Ah-ha!  There was something else to do – I thought of a great idea.  But then the harsh light of day – and the cafeteria – makes your profound thoughts, which you just barely remember, seem so mundane.  And so you forget about it, except in that creative bag in the back of your mind that nags about missed opportunities.

Anyway: I was going to blog about this one last pointless snowstorm the Boston area got last weekend.  Pointless, because while it dumped 8 inches, and made commuting that Friday afternoon very messy, it promptly rained that same night and turned the beautiful powdery whiteness into an icy mess.  What’s the point of snow if you can’t enjoy it?  The icy covering has a certain glitter in the day, but that’s about it – much worse for snowballs, snowpeople, and sledding than a good covering of powder.

The double irony – not of spring snow, most of which never lasts anyway – is that this one last blast ruined our chances of setting a record.  The last least snowy winter as measured in Boston was in the 1930’s!  But our 8 inches more than doubled the amount for this winter, pushing it firmly into the boring category.  Ah, well.

Joyous Vernal Equinox!

Or as you might say, Happy Spring!  I’m on a kick to be on time more the older I get, hence actually getting this post in before some other brain-queued posts I have rummaging around.  Well, more on time for some things, not everything.
Here in the Boston area, it’s a classic New England spring: plenty of wet snow still left, but temps in the 4 – 10 degree high range for the days (Celsius, I say!).  It’s a bit annoying (more in another post) since the snow was pretty pointless, but it is fun wearing a windbreaker walking along the snowbanks.

It’s lovely to enjoy the extra sunlight as the sun comes back to our hemisphere; although we’re still getting used to when bedtime should be.  Of course the messed up daylight savings change hasn’t helped the mental clocks any, either.  Although Markey has some great ideas, this one really wasn’t thought through.

Snow tires, meet snow

Living the irony; so to speak.  That’s not quite right, but it will do, lest I skip blogging at all.

Tried working at home, then drove down to the local tire shop to have the wunnerful (and cheap!) new tires put on Amy’s car.  The old ones had a few more weeks in them, but the new tires were already in the car just having picked them up from UPS, so why bother hauling them back and forth?  Even accounting for the local tire shop’s almost egregious pricing, I still came out ahead after getting an even bigger discount from tirerack.com.

But that’s not what the story’s about.

Waitin’ for it to come around on the guitar.  Oh, wait, wrong story.

It’s just barely started serious flurries as I drive down there.  They mention it’s a wait for tire mounting – people in line and all that – no problem,  I brought both a book and my computer.  A while later, and ta-da, new tires.  (Actually all-seasons, but that’d ruin the title.)  So I walk out to the car and: bam, it’s really snowing, and it’s all over the road!  Wheeeee!

I actually drove into work, although it was mostly to go swimming at the club that happens to be there.  By the time I’m done and driving home, it’s really snowing, and everyone is pretty slow on the roadways.  Amy’s coming home early from work, but traffic is bad, so I need to pick up Roxanne.  No problem, I have new tires and 4 wheel drive today!

By the time we both get home, there’s nearly 3 inches of snow in the driveway, and my poor BMW (with decidedly non-new tires) has a little trouble getting up the hill.  What a day!

To double the irony, the brand new actual snow tires that I ordered for my BMW are scheduled to be put on – next Tuesday.  Probably just in time to wonder if I should switch to summer wheels, eh?

Back to normalcy

The weekend’s weather: “Not as cool with highs in the lower 50s.”  Meaning instead of the completely frigid winter weather – but without any appreciable snow, really all winter – we’re back to normalcy for New England.  Although as the old phrase goes, in New England, “if you don’t like the weather, then wait a minute.”

Wifi quietness atop the hill

Reading RoUS’ latest Wfi note, I double-checked the wifi status in my neighborhood.  I’m almost at the top of a prominent hill, mind you, so in several directions should have quite the range.

Two.  Two measley other wifi signals.  That’s it.  This is a pretty nice neighborhood, too, so just about everyone has broadband. At least I have 50% secure neighbors: one of the two signals is security-enabled.

Hmm, the one neighbor who I know has wifi (I used to borrow it, with permission, when our ISP service was bad) isn’t detected.  Wonder what’s up with them.