What is that white stuff all over the ground?

We spent yesterday inside, avoiding the storm.  It turned out OK, even though Amy and I both had some work to do and couldn’t just take a storm day playing games.

But this morning – we wake up, and the world is covered in white?  I seem to remember something like this in my childhood – somehow gloves are important, and there’s something called a ‘sled’ that’s supposed to be fun.  But what do we call all that white stuff?  I know we’ve had it before, but that was years and years ago some winter past.  I thought we were almost done with this winter already!

(Think we’ll be close to the record with the least amount overall?)

3 thoughts on “What is that white stuff all over the ground?

  1. Me, again. I am home because the school district has closed the schools today based on a ‘projected forecast’! It’s a bit grey outside, for sure, but not one flake in the sky and the only snow on the ground are little bits here and there left over from piles two weeks ago! What a bunch of malarky! I called into work to give status – my ‘boss’ is from Rochester and so doesn’t understand this craziness down here either. I know they wouldn’t cancel like this in a sophisticated place like Boston – sigh.

  2. We had white stuff on the ground down here in VA, too, starting Tuesday am and the schools were shut down for 3.5 days (and counting??). When I was growing up in NY, I used to laugh at the Nightly News when it reported that DC was completely paralyzed by stuff falling from the sky and that their snow removal budget was used up (after the first storm…). Every year that seemed to happen!! After colleging and working in MA for several years, I was forced to move to the Left Coast for nearly 4.5 years – there were fires and riots and earthquakes (oh, my) but no snow! Still a northern girl, even after many years living in VA, I look forward to the ‘white stuff’ but am usually let down. Of course, around here, just the threat of a storm sends people into a panic. Our last big storm (2/2003) – it might have been as much as three feet – shut down the federal government (my company’s customer) for two whole days with liberal leave beyond that for employees who couldn’t get to work – thank goodness I was considered essential personnel. At the time, our street was not state-controlled and the contractor hired by the HOA got stuck and gave up. It took the menfolk on our street (of five houses) many, many hours to cut a path to the main road, using my car to fit-check the width! The kids really enjoyed missing school for a week and had never seen so much snow.

  3. You can drive northwest a few miles and find plenty of white stuff 🙂
    But it is powdery so it doesn’t make a snowman 🙁

    Nashoba Valley reports 9″ of new snow. I think I moved more than that off my car. At least it was all snow here (not much ice). I spent the day at work teaching (and watching the snow fall).

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