Spammers Untie! Save those millions!

Wait, that’s not right – it should be Spammers Unite!  Reading too much spam makes splelleing hard.

Actually, no more spam here thanks to Akismet.  Oddly enough I get a fair amount at my work at &BigCo;, one of which is quite funny so I’ll share.  (edited to prevent errant google hits)

“This is greeting from China-type Automation Corp!
We like to introduce our new developed product — XXYY Large-capacity Super Safe ty Suitcase… which is designed for schleping or transferring big amount of cash and valuables. …
The dimensions of XXYY Safe ty Suitcase is 18×13.6×7.2 inches, it big enough to put USD 1.5 million of cash in it. … most remarkable character of product is function of high voltage shock spread all over the surface!  makes suitcase effective in protection and counter-attack. “

And on it goes.  There – that’s how spammers can transport their millions, safe in the knowledge that while “electric pulse voltage is over 30KV”, it is “…very small, it doesn’t hurt one’s health.”

3 thoughts on “Spammers Untie! Save those millions!

  1. Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

    (Glad you liked it, even all this time later. Glad to get comments as well, as long as I can take the links out of them first – editor)

  2. I want to gived [sic] my comments because he is very handsome guy[,] all the best.

    Great – thanks for the compliments and your best wishes! They should mostly go to the Akismet folks, who built the great anti-spam tool that catches dozens or hundreds of spams a day, just on my blog. Sort of like this message, until I edited it that is. -Shane

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