What The ASF Thinks About...

Thank you! To the 147 people who completed the survey! Preliminary, summary-only data is now available.

A Note About Bias

One person has reported exiting after taking most of the survey because they broadly hinted that they found the survey biased. They didn't specify exactly what sort of bias it was (pro or anti corporate, whatever), and didn't provide any details. All I can say is that although I'm not a survey design expert, I do not mean to have any bias in it. Bias in the questions would defeat the purpose, since I need honest opinions to have my own work be successful. Along with the fact that I'm just not that kind of person.

I do intend there to be a focus to the survey - i.e., I'm asking the kinds of questions that I'm specifically interested in for my work. There are a number of other, very interesting and very valid questions that I could have added, but that aren't my primary focus. I'm just looking for the existing ASF community's perception of corporate involvement, and suggestions on how best corporations can participate for the good of the community. If you know me, then you know how strongly I value the community and consensus basis for ASF projects. If you don't, then you can trust me or not, your judgement.

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