Places I like to go..

Here are my personal recommendations for local businesses in the ReCALC area - Cambridge, Arlingon, Lexington, Concord and REgional. Hence, "Local" - this probably won't mean much to you if you don't live inside of 128.

A note on my 1-star scale: Entries with a star are rated highly: a place I really like, and definitely recommend. No stars means it's a good place, and you should think about checking it out. No entry here means either I've never been there, or I don't like it. I typically don't like posting negative reviews.


Wonderfully hip food in a nice restaraunt. Nicely experimental without falling into the wierd.
Jade Garden, East Arlington
Simple and good suburban chinese, with wicked friendly staff.
Lakota Bakery
Yum - some of the butteryest cookies ever. A dollar each, but worth it.
Villa House Of Pizza, East Arlington
Our new default pizza joint. Plain but good.
Divinity Splendor-Glow
Just a really nice jewelry and pretty gift shop.
Dunkin' Donuts
The ever comforting local New England coffee giant.


German Performance Service
My new and hopefully final BMW mechanic.
Sort-of fancy-shmancy gourmet store in Harvard Sq. I like them even though some merchandise gets a bit dusty.
I love walking down the hidden alley to this wonderful restaurant.
One of the best cheese caves in the northeast.


Verrill Farm
One of the best farmstands around; very tasty, plus small bakery and prepared foods.
New London Style Pizza
Good greasy Greek style pizza. My favorite pizza joint, partly because it's sentimental.
Arena Farm
Great prices and terribly convenient on Rt. 2 westbound. Unfortunately struggling financially in the summer of 2007.


Our favorite coffee place. Much better real coffee than DD or that green lady place.
Our favorite sushi place, mostly because it's so comfortable; plus they have Korean on-table barbq.
Did you know you can get good Mexican in Lexington?


OK, half in Medford. But I have fond memories.
Victor's Meat & Deli, Ball Square
Victor, mom, Sarah, and Mike are the nicest - and huge and great simple subs & Italian deli, etc.


Mike's Autobody
Mike is the only auto body shop I will ever go to (well, as long as he's working there!).

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