How this was made

Shane's website was made possible by: stolen hours here and there and a few late nights. Years of working in the computer industry and on the web. A desire to create, although I admit it's as much for my sake as for yours. Practice for writing a book someday: one that I've already written, and have not yet written.

I've used a number of tools, templates, examples, and advice from friends along the way:

  • Firefox: for testing these pages and wasting countless hours surfing the net
  • WordPress:   for my blog
  • Creative Commons:   for providing useful licenses and tools
  • Eclipse:   for providing a great XML/HTML/CSS editing environment
  • CodeProject:   for inspiration for cross-browser Opacity scripting on About
  • Chris J. Davis:   for CSS help and inspiration
  • BSBlog:   for his WordPress Atom 1.0 plugin (feedvalidator-OK!)
  • Akismet:   for slaying my comment spam
  • FamFamFam:   for various Silk icons
  • Planet Apache:   for inspiration and comradeship
  • IBM:   for paying me a salary
  • TBD:   Someone/something else I'm sure I've forgotten


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