Tap, tap, tap… is this thing on?

Have you ever noticed how the really good sound engineers only ever need to say “One, two, one, check check” to get a good mic check? They never count to three. At least not the good ones.

Anyway, I finally had the mental energy to do the bash WordPress into upgrading tonight, since the self-upgrade never works on my webhost. Sadly, routine system maintenance is one of those things that I have a high procrastination skill in, thus since the admin system was broken, I haven’t been blogging. Twitter is too fast for me – I need to focus on home (i.e. being at home) and work things, which quite frankly aren’t Twitter material. And Facebook is amusing for the witty repartee; at least I enjoy it.

But I need to start blogging again, either here or at CommunityOverCode.com, since I’ll be speaking at ApacheCon NA in Portland this coming February 2013! Really looking forward to attending an ApacheCon as just a speaker, and not an organizer. I’m hoping it will be more relaxing. Then again, I haven’t written all the slides for my talk yet, so…

There will be other extended family news coming out soon. Hope all the locals are being treated well by winter, and hope all my down under friends are enjoying the beaches!