Will you buy a Boston Globe this week?

As a souvenir?

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For those not lucky enough to live near the Hub, the latest news on the Boston news scene is that those mean New York Times owners want to shutter our beloved Boston Globe, where the unions want to be able to keep their lifetime jobs.

Yes, perhaps both sides are engaging in a touch of hyperbole. But for all it’s faults, it would still feel odd to end up living in a one-newspaper town after all these years.

So – what’s the latest bet for what the boston.com domain is worth these days?

Storrow Drive: MAX HEADROOM

I can’t duck out of this one. I know I’ll get cut down to size, and it’s dangerous to post something like this without enough clearance. September’s sweet singing to the coming college constituents is driving me to dare to dive into the pool over at UniversalHub: Beantown bloggers bet on when the fell fate will befall some incoming buffoon:

When will the first truck be peeled back like a sardine can on Storrow Drive?

Now I think Adamg was fishing for some entries with that title, but it’s a good one, and it’s a good pool to be in. When I think about it, I really look up to those that drive on Storrow – and to those who look up before they drive on Storrow.

In any case, I”ll come out from under my rock and give my prediction: the first stuck Storrow truck of September will not be a U-haul, but will be a major rental companies, and it will happen before 11:30am on this Thursday, as some foolish new freshman is being driven to school by their father. I know it’s a stretch up to believe it’ll be that early, but hey, someone’s gotta go first.

Hey, anyone have a graph of the number of stuck Storrow trucks for the past few years? Or anyone wonder how much the local truck rental places would pay someone to stand by the likely onramps on Saturday to attempt to wave off clueless rental drivers?