Resolutions 2009

Post > 5 items per week
Blogging (or writing comments, etc.) is creative work, and creative work makes me feel like I can do more. To cliche, to be the change you wish to see, you have to do it first. That’s either in the larger world, or for yourself (like this blog is).
Get physical exercise every day
Brisk walks around the block or doing simple weights at home count. Swimming is the best though.
Deploy one new project per quarter
Insert “personal” there. I have all sorts of ideas about community, open source, and swag/tshirts – I just need to do them.
Spend more time with family
Duh. Insert “quality” in there; it’s about avoiding the day’s stress and avoiding too much multitasking. I’m starting to understand when people say we should let kids be kids for as long as possible.


Stuff I Need

  1. One Bridgestone Blizzak Revo 1 tire in size 185/65 R15. Just one, in good shape, to replace my lamented one.
  2. A current email address for Phelps Allis, a good friend from very long ago (married Sara Wolf, apparently).
  3. Salt & pepper packets, or mini shakers for my office. I need them about 5 times a year, but when I do, it’s really annoying to not have any.
  4. A fix for the WordPress 2.6.x plugin error Fatal error: amzlookup() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘AmazonShowcase_Assets/IsterXmlSimpleXMLImpl.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php’) in ~/blah/blog/wp-content/plugins/amazon-showcase-wordpress-widget/amazonshowcase.php on line 314 which affects another plugin (I suspect a 2.6.x issue with older plugins)
  5. Better time management skills, so I’m efficient at carving out chunks of time to get serious coding/writing tasks done, instead of fire fighting.
  6. Graphics-fu, to improve my ASF Swag tshirt shop.
  7. That magical Windows-based twitter/WordPress/blog/presence awareness/IM client that ties it all together. Twhirl is pretty and Trillan is useful, but…
  8. A serious yet compact espresso machine that actually fits under our counters.
  9. A way in Lotus Domino to display views with response hierarchies, but with only response and response to response documents: here, I need a categorized column that shows mid-level responses, and then a hierarchy of response-to-responses.
  10. A spare power plug (just the 3 wire cord from the wall to the power adapter) for a MacBook Pro.
  11. Maps, maps, maps. Preferably historical Boston. I already have Mapping Boston.
  12. A new roof. Sigh. Trying out 2Hat Design Build now.
  13. ApacheCon US 2008 attendees to fill out the survey I sent with thoughtful data, so we can better plan future conferences.
  14. A magic password manager that I trust has serious encryption, and is easy and flexible to use.
  15. Better and easier IMAP mail hosting. I’m not sure I want to go all GMail, but I’m sure getting sick of 1and1′s 20K message limit.
  16. A good pool in/near Arlington I can join. Special bonus points for salt water (instead of chlorine treated). My current exercise is too far away.
  17. To blog more. And another Vesper. Damn, they’re good. Please note, I’ve always loved gin.

In no particular order.

Go to Bertrand’s Sling talk; get a polo!

OK, folks, this is a great blog post about ApacheCon from one of our speakers (also a director of the ASF):

We’ll be giving away nice Sling polo shirts at the end of my talk today, be there!

Here’s the complete source code of the mini blog application that I’m going to create, in stages, during the talk:

Thank you to all our speakers, and especially to everyone who adds to the ApacheCon experience in the blogosphere. Maybe I’ll start to catch up on my ApacheCon experience now that the conference has actually started…

Oooh – tshirts – if anyone is interested in my witty ASF Swag shirts, please order one, or just email me (for example, if you’d like a Committer- or Member- specific version).

Wear the feather!

If you appreciate geek humor, and want to support the ASF, checkout ASF Swag, my new shop. It includes just a small selection (so far) of witty httpd error codes to amuse and astound your fellow geeks, all featuring the feather made famous by The Apache Software Foundation’s flagship project, httpd.

If you know what response code 100 is, you should keep reading (and drinking). If not, you can go ask #apache – it’s all already in the shop.

Use of the feather logo is licensed by the Public Relations Committee of the ASF. In exchange, a portion of all proceeds from feathered sales are donated to the ASF. There are just a handful of vendors who may sell products with the feather logo.

Special! 100% of all profits from sales between now and the end of ApacheCon US 2008 will be donated to the ASF. Also, if enough committers really like these shirts, I could arrange a bulk order (maybe with a “Committer” logo version, at cost!) for delivery at ApacheCon. Let me know!