Something’s not right…

Now I know we shoveled a few days ago. And I’m pretty sure we shoveled last night. And we did everything else you’re supposed to do, too. I’d already been shopping for milk, bread, and eggs, and made sure the shovels were there, and gotten snow tires on my car. Plus parking my car the right direction to get out if there’s snow. Plus getting everything laid out for perfect french toast.

But there’s still snow on the ground – a lot of it. I really thought we shoveled. And I’m pretty sure we made the french toast: it was delicious, even though I didn’t fully dry out the bread like the recipe says. I couldn’t remember shoveling and eating french toast if I didn’t do them, right?


Oh, no. Oh no oh no, oh no.

You don’t think I’m stuck in one of those time loops, do you?

Oh, no.

A temporal causality loop or something, like the Enterprise has been in a half-dozen times or so. Yikes! and it’s almost the holidays, I’d hate to miss Christmas just because I was in loop 15,9727 of this darn snowstorm!

Oh, no.

I really am in a loop; I’ve posted the same blog posting twice in the space of a month! Hmmm… must get more lattes and increase my coding speed at work, and increase my creative juices for my blog!

It sure is pretty though. I just hope it stays nice and clean and white, before melting then freezing again. At least the snowflakes were light and fluffy and smaller than the average puppy.