A frosty morning… oh, and THANKSGIVING FIRST

It was startling to be driving in to work this morning and noticing the frost all around, and even ice on the puddles. Ah, winter, are you truly here already? At least it makes for a beautiful sunrise over the fields by Soldier’s Field Road (albeit brief as you drive by).

It’s also startling to realize just how early Thanksgiving seems to be coming this year: in just one short week Americans will be getting ready for the big treks to (or from) family. I think part of it was all the activity around ApacheCon – along with doing my usual conference planner work, I was also pretty busy with some ASF organization work. (OK, pretty busy is quite an understatement.)

In any case, I’m glad that at least one store (Macy’s, I think) is explicitly holding off on the rest of the “holiday season” until after Thanksgiving. Reminder: there’s only a few more days to get on the “THANKSGIVING FIRST” bandwagon to decry the many establishments who put up Christmas decorations far too early in the season. I remember seeing some tree decorations displayed next to the Halloween candy recently… and also made the mistake a few weeks ago of walking into the Cambridgeside Galleria, which is all done up in it’s Christmas finery. I love the winter holiday season too, but I have the sense when I’m celebrating it early to do it privately.

A beautiful blue sunrise on the horizon?

As reported everywhere by now, rumors show IBM is considering buying the Sun whole. I’m not sure where they’re going to put it, although IBM Research does some really cool stuff, and might have built a contained black hole by now.

Seriously, though, if the rumors pan out, the important questions remain:

  • What would this mean to the ASF’s open letter and Sun’s contractual disregard of the rules of the JCP?
  • Which ASF projects would consider merging because of committer employer overlaps? Similarly: any Incubator Podlings that would then fail the diversity test?
  • Would the Sunny IBM step up to sponsor ApacheCon? Sun was historically a strong supporter of ApacheCon in the past; perhaps with the combined might they’d be a supporter again.
  • Would the shiny but empty Sun Burlington campus get new life? Or would any remaining employees be sucked into IBM’s new Littleton campus? How large a local MA employer would the combined company be?

Articles worth reading:

  • WSJ – just the facts, m’am
  • ZDNet – positive commentary
  • ZDNet – negative commentary
  • Geir – adding religion to the mix

Disclaimer: I work for one of the corporations named above; all Punderings are solely my own content, unrelated to any employment affiliations.

Sunshine Crossfire

I was nearly blinded, driving to work this morning at about 7:18am. Yikes, the Hancock tower is such a huge mirror!

Does everyone know that cute little bridge that serves as the u-turn from Land Blvd west back onto Land Blvd east, right underneath the Longfellow? It almost makes you dizzy during the morning commute, if you come inbound on Storrow heading for the Galleria: off Storrow, under the Charles T station; quick left before running into prison and over the Longfellow. Then the sharp right, stop, right, left, stop, left to get onto Land Blvd east, going both over and under a bridges 3 times in the space of a minute.

Taking the u-turn this morning, at just the right time, I was nearly blinded by the sun ahead and to my right as I looked for oncoming traffic. But then logic and experience took over, and knowing the sun really comes up much more to the left from that position, I looked away towards the left -and of course, got blinded by the actual sun as it peeked over Boston. Ouch.

Both the actual sun and the Hancock sun were astoundingly bright, and both were pointed exactly at me. Coincidence? I don’t think so – I call it astronomy!

Joyus Vernal Equinox!

With thanks once again to the sun to coming back to us here in the northern hemisphere, bringing with it (in the Boston area at least) lovely if occasionally very wet weather. Happy and healthy travel to all those celebrating spring holidays this week and the next!


… in global warming! At least the past week or so in the Boston area certainly makes you think about it. I mean, I fully expect a 60 degF day here in Boston in January: it’s a tradition. If you’re lucky, you can play hooky from work long enough to both enjoy an after-lunch walk, and quickly wash your car in your own driveway.

But after no snow for the Christmas holiday, we just had nearly a week of over 50’s temps, and two record highs including one of 68! Plus no snow in any of the local forecasts. Something is wrong here, and you think about all those SUV’s that aren’t being driven to NH or VT because it’s not worth paying to ski yet…

Oh my gods.

Oh. My. Gods.

I know what it is. We’re being punished.

Remember the Curse (Bambino, not Pearl or Rabbit)? All the things we said about it? Like H**L would freeze over when that happened?

Well, the devil may have taken his time about it, but instead of letting H**L freeze over, he’s decided to make it come to Boston. Expect higher temperatures daily until we’ve paid our penance for that Series flag…

Welcome to summer!

Ahhh… the start of summer. No, not today: not only am I pre-dating this post (sorry aggregators) but I’m not even talking about the astronomical start of summer. No, I’m talking about that first week of summer weather. The second week of June, after some cool and rainy spells, that first week that was warm, sunny, and happy. That was the beginning of summer for me. When the days are warm, and you really enjoy it. Then the night air is soft and not cool, really, but just comfortable. The time when the New England weather finally allows you to wear whatever you’ve got on, without having to check the weather and change before going outside.

That’s the unofficial start of summer.