Today’s random reading

Too many interesting tabs open in FF right now to not link them.

I sense an imbalance in the force

A couple of unusual things have happened in the past two days which make me suspicious that there’s an imbalance in the force. That, or I’m just stressed and tired from overbusy $dayjob work, ApacheCon planning, and social events coming at the same time.

  • The Lexington (MA) Stop & Shop has no smoked salmon. OK, they have a little: two brands, one of which is out of stock and the other had 3 four oz. packages left. How can a major Lexington Stop & Shop not have smoked salmon to go with my bagels?
  • When googling “zeff photo coupon belmont, ma”, one of the top 10 hits was to the Star Bulletin, the online version of a Hawaiian newspaper. How in the world did a listing for a local Belmont, MA photo store get into a newspaper in Hawaii? Even so, why would it be relevant?
  • Trying to choose between a super-compact point-and-shoot camera with at least a 5x zoom lens, it turns out that none of the local camera shops carry the camera I think I want, the Sony DSC-T500. Sigh. And of the other models I’d consider – the Nikon S60 and one of the ELPH’s – no camera shop nearby has both models in stock to see in person.

Color me curious that something odd is going on today.

Mix 98.5 listeners aren’t as cool as I expected

I knew it! I knew it! I meant to post this two days ago, and just now I there’ll be no more Lander in the Morning (HT2UH)!

Seriously – I thought Mix 98.5 was supposed to be one of the ‘hip’ stations in the market. But a recent morning drive-time poll proved otherwise with Lander and his crew.

The question was “What movie franchise is the most popular of all time?” They actually spent so long taking reader calls (and playing a song, and doing morning DJ talk stuff), that I actually ran into my office and tried calling in to answer – I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before.

While a number of the answers were obvious – the staff guessed Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), and Star Wars (is on the list). Many listeners guessed Batman (yes, it’s a franchise, but it’s not that big), Rocky (which I understand in a historical context), Harry Potter (a good guess), Pirates of the Caribbean (which I would have dismissed personally – not enough of them yet), Jurassic Park and The Matrix. Those are all fine.

But who in the world guessed Back to the Future? And was disappointed when it didn’t win! I loved the 80’s as much or more than anyone who grew up there – but get real, honey; the time traveling Delorean was a flash in the pan, and not at all a serious contender for franchise popularity. And Lethal Weapon? Or Home Alone? Who are these people?

As Dave Barry says: I am not making this up. It really took them almost 20 minutes to find a winner. Sheesh. No wonder Lander’s moving on. (OK, I know, it’s all about contracts – but the timing is still ripe to call conspiracy theory!)

My journey to the dark side has begun

Much like the dark side, I can’t actually share any details of this post, since they relate to work. Needless to say as the result of an hour long meeting – during which I said little, answered 2 instant messages, wrote three emails answering technical questions, and migrate 1,500 documents – I’ve begun a serious slide into the darkness of business processes. The fourth email I wrote came back with management approval for my progress into the dark side during the meeting, which I found highly amusing.
Hmmm, must find a new Darth-name to make fun of…