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I must decide on my site structure

Actually, it’s getting late, so I probably won’t have time to bore you too much. I’m a planner. Or rather, a theoretical planner. Or rather, I like planning intellectual exercises – it’s fun a lot of the time. Like spending time thinking about how I want my web presence to look. No, not graphics, for which I’ll have to steal from other openly licensed looks, I’m talking about URLs and site layout.
I’m stuck trying to decide if I want to use – a semi-standard way to use the .name domain for a person’s main page – or just stick with the older names and leave it at that. Then, what are the fundamental documents I’ll want in canonical locations (hopefully semi-permanently), and what other stuff is less important or may move around and I won’t care.
See, bored already. Heck, we can separate the normal people apart from the librarians and XML/RDF geeks and start discussing what I should name my FOAF file and see who… Ah, there, they’ve all gone now.
foaf.rdf is classic and simple, but I’ve downloaded a bunch of foaf files to see what style other people use, and it’s a real pain to remember which foaf.rdf is which. Hence I’ve decided to use something like curcuru-foaf-current.rdf, which will link to a current copy by YYYYMMDD date, so I can update the list as I meet new and interesting people. Plus, when you download it, the filename means something. Silly, I know, especially for an RDF document (wherein the point is that the computer will understand it, not the human) but I’m sentimental that way.