Buying anything on Black Friday?

So what deals are you looking for tomorrow on Black Friday? And how many people are actually going out to the store, versus just shopping online, especially with the large number of retailers promising similar prices?

And for the non-US readers out there: does anyone else have similar sales tomorrow, or is it completely restricted to the US? Just wondering how if anyone elsewhere was going to try to order something on sale from the Amazon US store for shipping elsewhere, for example.

Hey, where did the black friday boycott stuff go? Wasn’t there a move a while back to go all non-consumer instead in the past?

Who remembers Caldor Middlesex Mall?

Or, as a friend and I call it, “The Caldor Mall”. This is an old joke, since there have been at least three other stores in that spot since then, and more years than I care to count.

Seriously – anyone else have fond memories of shopping at Caldor in the Middlesex Mall, or other local Caldors? It’s not as big a local name as Lechmere’s, perhaps, but the colorful logo was still a big sign in the region back when.

I’ve seen the variety of and similar mall memories web boards talking vaugely about it, but very little actual data so far in Google. Seriously: there isn’t a picture anywhere on the web of that particular Caldor? Someone’s gotta have scanned in some old newspaper article about it or something! I’m surprised that some geek has actually setup a cheap mirror of the old website(which I don’t remember), before it went under about a decade ago. The Wayback Machine also has some archived web pages, showing the domain going from the real thing, through a couple of domain squatters, and then to nothing in recent years.

I was thinking of this as I’m making plans to have dinner with friends at one of the newest big retailers nearby, H Mart. You see, the only way I could explain how to get to H Mart was to say it was behind the Caldor Mall. Luckily, the person I was emailing that too actually understood me.

Ah, H Mart, I’m already excited to see your oodles of Korean and Asian groceries and food court – as evidenced by both local media coverage, and my friend @BigHeadDennis (Famed for assisting with an ocean rescue with his cell phone) who I think has mentioned at least three trips there already. Yum.

So – anyone have pictures of the Caldor at Middlesex Mall?