What you need today: A recipe

The perfect french toast recipe, of course. While I’ll happily yield the high ground to anyone preferring a Julia Child one, and I’ll agree to respect anyone who stays classic with Joy Of Cooking, I’m basing mine this Saturday morning on Cook’s Illustrated version below.

Astute readers will note this great french toast recipe also features some cool time-warp technology, since the print date is January 1st, 2009.

My shopping list last night, somewhat chaotic since I brought “the kidlet” with me.

  • Dozen large eggs (brown, of course, and organic)
  • Gallon 2% milk (organic)
  • Loaf of italian (to get just stale enough by Saturday morning)
  • Vanilla lowfat yogurt (for when you’ve had enough VT or NH maple syrup)
  • Half & half
  • More Peet’s Holiday Blend whole bean coffee
  • Applesauce (that was the treat my daughter wanted)
  • Apples (in case we need sauteed apples atop)
  • Lime (in case I need a ginnantonix after shovelling)
  • Melty sliced cheese (gotta think about lunch too)

Many thanks to the UH readers for sharing their winter storm grocery lists. BostonZest also has a great Boston resident winter storm prep list too.

I’ll note for UH readers that I already have my Maker’s Mark (highly recommended) along with a bottle of Knob Creek for variety; I salute the polite blogger who left some Orange Sherbet for everyone else; and while we do have beer in the fridge, I must question the Mass Liberal’s cavalier attitude towards the French Toast Alert system. I predict you’ll be hungry when you’re done with that six-pack.

Update: Wow,

Wear the feather!

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Ice Cream Alert Level: Elevated for Arlington

This is an Elevated alert level. If this were an actual emergency, an audible warning tone would sound on your refrigerator.

No dessert for Arlington Arlington is currently facing a potential ice cream and frozen dessert foods shortage. The local Stop & Shop on Mass Av in Arlington has one of it’s two frozen food aisles unplugged and emptied. No ice cream nor frozen novelties were in evidence throughout the store.

Please note, panic is not mandated at this point: verification procedures for the procurement of frozen desserts at Johnnie’s Foodmaster, the next nearest supermarket, have not yet been completed. Stop and Shop also has planned for this contingency, and lists four other stores within a 5 mile radius of zip 02476; note however that time of day and traffic conditions may require you to plan for extra time and bring your own cooler and icepacks to ensure the proper temperature conditions of your purchases.

As always, the lactose intolerant should use caution when consuming milk-containing products.

HT2UH’s French Toast Alert System, which probably won’t be operational for almost another month – although with New England weather, you never know when it’ll snow.