Oprah is Twitter’s shark

With the coming of mainstream celebrities doing shows while twittering live, and competitions for a million followers, I join in today with the bleeding edge geeks who cry: Twitter has jumped the shark with the mainstreaming of it’s millionth follower contest, and with Oprah’s widely publicised (BUT UNFORTUNATELY SHOUTED) first tweet live from her show. It is somehow disappointing that with all the fanfare, the handlers in the old media world still don’t understand the new web: check out the inanity of the few follow on tweets she made. C’mon, I could have produced a better set of follow-on tweets this afternoon in my spare time than they put up. Sheesh.

This is not to say that Twitter didn’t succeed in one thing: the servers stayed up even in the face of rampant follow/unfollow attempts for @aplusk.

Let me add one disclaimer to my shark proclamation: while the fresh new appeal may have worn off for many, twitter is still a useful tool, especially with the many third party clients and website integrations. It’s just moved beyond the social scene for geeks, and out into… well, entertainment, I guess.