Disappointing Spam

Amused this morning when two adjacent spam emails were 1) a phishing spam for a bank, and 2) a purported anti-phishing security report. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the second and realized the Subject: line was bogus, and it was really some religious spam. Not as funny.

Brutally honest phising spam

I got a refreshingly direct and honest phishing spam email today; in fact the only real complaint I have about it is how confusingly it’s written. It simply asks you to send them your username and password. No tricks, no fancy hidden links or disguised graphics. Just a plain old request for your password via email.

Dear Webmail User,
This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail …
Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit set by your administrator. …

To help us re-set your SPACE on our database prior to maintain your INBOX,you must contact your system administrator by replying this e-mail and enter your: Current Username: { } and PW: { } to increase your storage limit.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The best thing is: what username and password? They don’t even know what email system you think you use! I suppose I’d have to guess they’re targeting hotmail users for storing dictionaries of user/password word frequencies, since the only two links are to hotmail and live.com.

The mail came from Rubinoc@arcadia.edu apparently at BISHOP.arcadia.edu for those curious.