When will billboards be facing the sky?

I mean, with the various combo satellite/road map websites out there, and the frequency with which satellite imagery of popular areas is refreshed, when are businesses with large buildings going to go the extra mile and print their name and logo on the roof?
Seriously! It’s already well established in SecondLife. There are plenty of businesses who’ve already done it, usually on a sloped roof that can be seen from nearby hills or roads; it’s an old tradition going back to Burma-shave days and earlier.
My question is: when will someone setup a billboard or advertising consultancy that specializes in this stuff? Proper fonts, best way to adapt logos to be visible from satellites, astrophysical analysis of common photo satellite orbits and the best way to position the sign, etc. etc.
This isn’t just “first mover” advertising hype, either – although I’m sure that’s worth a sale or two as well. Think about the last time you used Google Maps (or anyone else) to find directions to some new Big Box Store. The directions say to take the highway to “Commerce Way”, sure, that’s informative. But checking out the satellite view, there are no fewer than 3 Big Box Stores, one major mall, and three mini-malls all along Commerce Way. Imagine how cool it would be to recognize the logo to Big Box Store on the roof of the right building, perhaps with an arrow pointing to the side of the building with the main entrance, so you can plan where to park!
Whoever it is, I want in on the business. Given that I’m not doing the footwork to find my own VC, I’m willing to take services-in-kind in exchange of an equity stake. It’d be an interesting market, especially if since you could probably get away with a lot to start with, since most community’s billboard regulations probably wouldn’t trip you up, since it’d only be visible from the sky.
Bonus tip for coatings manufacturers who team up with imagery specialists: if you could figure out the right paints (that reflect well at a distance, but not up close), it’d be wicked cool to paint the logo on the entire parking lot. A bit tricky to get coatings that wouldn’t obscure the parking lines for drivers, but that would pop out in a satellite image of the parking lot. Darn, wish I were in manufacturing, that’d be worth a patent.

Who ever thought of privacy policies on maps?

Or, as Charles Bandes, a local photog questions:

Who watches the watchmen?

He’s walking down the street with his camera, he spots a car driving slowly along – with a wide-angle multi-camera rig on the roof, filming everything as it drives on.  Ah-ha!  Modern mapping technology has come so far, that not only can we get a satellite picture of you in your backyard (admittedly still grainy for the civillian uses), but we also have immersive photo maps of your front yard from drive-by internet companies.  Where can you go for privacy these days?

The interesting thing I found was in the comments to the posting – Kasia claims it was her in the car, and she’s not working for Google, but another immersive photo mapping vendor called EveryScape.com!  I suppose it’s a fairly obvious idea, and technology has been ready for this kind of image processing for a while now.  The key was always the business model, and the logistics of having humans (robot cars not being legal in most populated areas yet) actually drive around everywhere to capture the data close-up.

What’s my point?  Several fold:

  • Where’s the privacy policy?  Sure, legally public streets and all that, but still, they’re running a business that relies on eyeballs on their site; how do they update rights management and complaints processing?
  • Who the heck ever thought of a privacy policy on a map?  (Actually, I’m sure some people have besides the gov’t’s blurring of satellite data, but still.)
  • Excellent post title, Charles, although I admit I haven’t read that graphic novel in far too long.

Now for some self-promotion (or self-delusion): let’s start a new meme.  EveryScape – howabout EveryScrape?  Makes sense to most geeks: you’re screen-scraping my neighborhood, dude!  CityScrape?  All of the other obvious spelling mistakes like EvryScape?  Who’s going to be the first to steal some of these other great domain names to make some parasitic profit off of this newcomer? 
Please tell me it’s going to be someone fun, who does a worthwhile parody site and/or community driven site, and not one of those evil domain master owners who just pump their AdSense income from their automated spelling-mistake-catching domain registry tools.  Ugh.