Storrow Drive Loves You

Seen above this morning’s commute, a professionally printed white banner with foot-tall red letters:


It’s hanging on the railing of the footbridge immediately after the BU bridge. Driving by it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling this morning all over. And then I thought…

It’s maddeningly inspecific. Is this message for me? Or perhaps – glancing at the solid bolus of cars from the Elliot bridge stoplight speeding along beside me – for someone else? Is this some private message, who’s real meaning is known only to the intended recipient? If so, it’s not very private anymore, as several thousand people have seen it so far at least.

Is this a message from Storrow Drive itself, or perhaps James’ or his wife Helen’s ghost; one of affection for the thousands of drivers who rely on it daily to get them to work, and sometimes back home again. Or could it be an altruistic message of hope; one put up by an anonymous do-gooder who was seeking to spread the fuzzy warm feeling like I had this morning to all their fellow citizens?

Who knows. Only the internet – and the person who put up the banner – will tell.

Please: I’d love to see a photo of this one, if anyone can snap one.