/shane: Sam Ruby turns down MS; declared non-person

In a stunning move of corporate hubris, a MS spokesperson has declared Sam Ruby is “not a real person“. Could this be retribution for Mr. Ruby’s refusal of their recent job offer, even though “it was generous financially“?

Or are consipracy theorists correct – Mr. Ruby is a fictional blogger who’s laconic and far-reaching blog links are merely generated by advanced text mining algorithms run on a discarded Deep Blue box in a secret skunkworks project?

Enquiring (human) minds want to know!

A beautiful blue sunrise on the horizon?

As reported everywhere by now, rumors show IBM is considering buying the Sun whole. I’m not sure where they’re going to put it, although IBM Research does some really cool stuff, and might have built a contained black hole by now.

Seriously, though, if the rumors pan out, the important questions remain:

  • What would this mean to the ASF’s open letter and Sun’s contractual disregard of the rules of the JCP?
  • Which ASF projects would consider merging because of committer employer overlaps? Similarly: any Incubator Podlings that would then fail the diversity test?
  • Would the Sunny IBM step up to sponsor ApacheCon? Sun was historically a strong supporter of ApacheCon in the past; perhaps with the combined might they’d be a supporter again.
  • Would the shiny but empty Sun Burlington campus get new life? Or would any remaining employees be sucked into IBM’s new Littleton campus? How large a local MA employer would the combined company be?

Articles worth reading:

  • WSJ – just the facts, m’am
  • ZDNet – positive commentary
  • ZDNet – negative commentary
  • Geir – adding religion to the mix

Disclaimer: I work for one of the corporations named above; all Punderings are solely my own content, unrelated to any employment affiliations.