Aaaaaa! I never have time to blog!

I planned to send out links when March came, since March would be the silver bullet to sweep away the blahs of February. Not so – it’s still damn cold and blah. More sunlight, though, so I should count my blessings.
Part of it is my pickiness with tools. For all my QE and testing background, I’m sometimes really not very good at hacking things up. I like my ‘stable’ tools – like email and blogging – to be just so. I spend a lot of time customizing them before I get to doing real work. I found a Firefox extension I really liked for blogging then lost it in a browser upgrade, and it’s just been too hard to come back to the plain webform editing (doubly so since Lucas – very happy to have a warm lap – just wiped this post out by smooshing the touchpad buttons). Ah-ha, he says, I suddenly understand why AJAX is cool!
Ah, that’s a CSS bit I should get – the acronym pop-up thing so I can explain to my non-geek friends what AJAX means in the technology world these days… CSS is neat, but I have so little graphical style I always just end up stealing stuff instead of creating new layouts. Tip: excellent CSS site – showing what you can really do, pretty simply – is Check it out. Pretty even if you don’t care about the code.

Better Blogging Software

OK, there are plenty of blogging packages out there.  Enough so that finding one you like – with all your individual foibles, including the foibles of your ISP, your server, and your blogging package – is a difficult task.  But once you do find one, it’s wonderful.

I’m not going to wax poetic about’s new Firefox 1.5 blogging extension yet, since this is my first post using it.  But we’ll see, I might need to put some good comments in about it later (once it works).

Edit: Of course, I’ve re-installed my browser, and have now forgotten exactly which “Just Blog This Now” Firefox extension that was I used. Hmmm… The brain is more connected but less reliable on demand than the hard disk.

Heeeeeee’s a BACK!

Yup, I’m clearly not going to be able to hold on to my sanity if I don’t manage time a little better, so I’ll start back up here to dump those little – hopefully worthwhile – nuggets I come up with from time to time.

EDIT: Ha! Well, I’m really back now. Of course ‘now’ is in January 2006, but then again, I’m not getting paid to do this.

No, really: Hello, World!

Yup, Shane’s started up a personal blog again. Life is much better now – and blogging tools are much improved – since my last shortlived blog. I really don’t have time for a new activity, but there are always little snippets of knowledge – or humor – that I think I should share, so maybe this will be a way to do that.

Must see if I can find a simple offline way to write WordPress posts that get magically posted later.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Gosh darn – I mean I is a software engineer, but hey: WordPress was pretty damn easy to install! You could do it too – the only issue is if your hosting provider gives you good enough mySQL and PHP support (which are generally included with any business or premiere class hosting plan, but not included on base rate plans).