Haiku Wednesday

/ Blogging in haiku. /
/ Japanese doggerel, yes. /
/ But fits in a tweet. /

/ Breakfast sandwich fail. /
/ Tasty, delicious: not found. /
/ Caffeine kick in now?/

/ Am I late today? /
/ Terribly sorry doctor! Hey: /
/ Do you have a cure? /

/ Dumbledore is dead. /
/ Fun teen love angst; black flyers. /
/ Why the cornfield scene? /

/ Email, commit logs, /
/ (How do you follow the threads?) /
/ blog, tweet, chat, AIM: feeds. /

Trapped behind port 80

/ Too hurried too rushed /
/ dial-up an eternity /
/ cafe wi-fi slow /

A lovely vacation in the wilds – well, almost wilds – of Maine is enforcing a stay away from the internet. Both my dial-up and the local (well, 30 min away) free wifi at a cafe block nearly everything except port 80, and are… well, you know, slow. Sigh.

But the weather’s beautiful, and Maine is definitely a good northeastern vacation destination. It’s actually quite amazing the number of friends and aquaintances who say, hey, we go to Maine too! Where? Oh, it’s a little town, you wouldn’t know it… yes, that’s about 20 min east of where we go – do you know Melby’s, used to be Tut’s? Oh, yeah, that place!

Small world. But very slow, ethernetally.