Brutally honest phising spam

I got a refreshingly direct and honest phishing spam email today; in fact the only real complaint I have about it is how confusingly it’s written. It simply asks you to send them your username and password. No tricks, no fancy hidden links or disguised graphics. Just a plain old request for your password via email.

Dear Webmail User,
This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail …
Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit set by your administrator. …

To help us re-set your SPACE on our database prior to maintain your INBOX,you must contact your system administrator by replying this e-mail and enter your: Current Username: { } and PW: { } to increase your storage limit.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The best thing is: what username and password? They don’t even know what email system you think you use! I suppose I’d have to guess they’re targeting hotmail users for storing dictionaries of user/password word frequencies, since the only two links are to hotmail and

The mail came from apparently at for those curious.

Mail troubles atop the flu

Just a quick note to all that in the middle of having a pretty horrible 4+ day flu, apparently my main mailbox has actually hit it’s size limit, and my ISP has been rejecting messages. Apologies to all, although I can’t be sure when I’ll be feeling well enough to actually read the messages I have gotten. Sigh.

Now to figure out how to get ezmlm to send back the bounces it claims it couldn’t get through (now that I’ve pruned and copied locally a ton of stuff).

Do you ever get caught in email loops?

Where you’re momentarily bored (or need a displacement activity), and check your email.  Where you need to answer a question, so you do some web research.  Whereupon you check your personal webmail account, since you’re there anyway.  And someone sent pictures of their latest conference, so you look at those.  Anyway, you get the research done and answer the question – but you’ve come up with a better idea and email someone else your new idea for vetting.

By then, it’s time to check your email again, to see if anyone else has commented on the open question, and look – there’s another topic to get involved in.

Wouldn’t having a DND (Do Not Disturb) setting on email be a great feature?  Just set it ‘on’ at 10am for 2 hours after you’ve answered the morning’s mail.  Nothing gets delivered – no matter how many times you hit Refresh – until noon, allowing 2 uninterrupted hours of work.

Darn, the DND feature doesn’t work with your webmail account.  Hmmm.  I’ve been reading this blog for a while – better go and check my email to see if anything needs doing.

Spammers Untie! Save those millions!

Wait, that’s not right – it should be Spammers Unite!  Reading too much spam makes splelleing hard.

Actually, no more spam here thanks to Akismet.  Oddly enough I get a fair amount at my work at &BigCo;, one of which is quite funny so I’ll share.  (edited to prevent errant google hits)

“This is greeting from China-type Automation Corp!
We like to introduce our new developed product — XXYY Large-capacity Super Safe ty Suitcase… which is designed for schleping or transferring big amount of cash and valuables. …
The dimensions of XXYY Safe ty Suitcase is 18×13.6×7.2 inches, it big enough to put USD 1.5 million of cash in it. … most remarkable character of product is function of high voltage shock spread all over the surface!  makes suitcase effective in protection and counter-attack. “

And on it goes.  There – that’s how spammers can transport their millions, safe in the knowledge that while “electric pulse voltage is over 30KV”, it is “…very small, it doesn’t hurt one’s health.”

Lotus Second Sabbatical: all done

(to be completed)

Well, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I expected, but at least the last half was far better than my first sabbatical!  Although I suppose the wedding part of the first one still beats just about anything else out, except possibly seeing Roxanne chatter on about something…

Went back to work – not even that many emails, most people knew I was away and didn’t bother sending me questions (plus I had logged in several times to fix urgent or really simple things while I was out).  Then spent the first week back working on an urgent and much more important task – which of course technically took a few days, but organizationally… still isn’t complete.  Ha!