Merry Christmas, Belmont!

At least that’s what I’ve been thinking to myself, driving through downtown Belmont this week. What with the lovely greenery and wreaths strung across Leonard St. downtown. Very tasteful, and the central wreath includes a nice set of three giant candles, which I presume are lit at night. They’re very green and simple, not at all flashy like the nets of lights making holiday pictures that Cambridge strings across the street. Not that I don’t love the annual Harvard Square lights; they just wouldn’t fit in a quiet and sleepy downtown as Belmont.

What? Did you say something about November? I thought it was almost Christmas time?

Sorry? Are you sure? I’ve been traveling recently, so I may have mixed up which week it is.

Really? You don’t say. You mean I haven’t already had my Thanksgiving dinner? I thought I had eaten too much turkey and forgotten about it in all the napping after the big meal.

Seriously? I don’t believe you – Belmont’s got their decorations up already! Let me look at a calendar…

Wow! They put decorations up around about Veteran’s Day! That’s just crazy!

Personally, I am a big fan of holiday decorations and music, in my case, especially certain kinds of Christmas music. But I can definitely see how not everyone appreciates them, either at all, or more to the point quite so early. Stores are one thing; that’s capitalism. Radio stations are fine; it’s easy to switch the station (or, not listen to my Frank Sinatra Christmas Dreaming on my car radio, since my windows are closed!)

But town holiday decorations are something you can’t avoid, and should have a touch more propriety than to put them up as early as Veteran’s Day, something we should perhaps be celebrating with greenery or flowers for the veterans, not for the upcoming winter holidays.

Lexington has done a nice job decorating downtown, and nicely they waited until after Thanksgiving.