ALERT: I’m scheduling my midlife crisis next week

Dear Friends,

A number of factors in my life lately have led to a whole lot of stress – above and beyond normal life – for a while now. Therefore, in part to deal with these issues, I am hereby declaring a midlife crisis. I plan to start it in exactly one week [1], at lunchtime, on Friday June 21st, and stretching throughout the summer months. I’m sure you all have many questions, so let me try to address some of them now.

Shane! What’s wrong, Shane?

I’ve decided to have a midlife crisis. Isn’t that the responsible thing to do? I figure if I schedule some of it out, it’ll be much more convenient for everyone.

Are you OK?

Yes, in the big picture, I’m still better off than most humans on the planet: I have a wonderful wife, daughter and cats; a comfy home; and a paying job. So color me #FirstWorldProblems for sure. But…

But what? What’s been going on?

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment was probably the death of my father, in January of this year. Dealing with both the personal issues and especially dealing with the paperwork and other extended family estate issues was far more than I expected, and is continuing. This also led to a number of other stresses and health issues for me, which of course got me worried about being stressed… Plus, my father was a hoarder, and the responsibility of cleaning out his house(es) is a huge undertaking that’s not even half done.

Coupling this with both the hectic normal life of a family with a young school child, two working parents with busy jobs, plus my significant (and growing) volunteer responsibilities at the ASF, has just been more than is comfortable to deal with.

So what are you doing about it?

Well, right now I’m writing this witty and informative blog post about it, just for you!

(ahem) No, really.

Well, I figured since I’m of that age anyway, I might as well schedule a midlife crisis. See, one of the skills I’ve always thought I should work on is better time management, so I figure if I can schedule a midlife crisis I’d already be improving myself.

Hence, to have a proper midlife crisis, I am taking an unpaid leave of absence from my job. Thus while I may be without regular income (but see: #FirstWorldProblems), I will have ample time to do all those crazy and fun things that go with a traditional midlife crisis. And since I won’t have a 9-to-5 (ha!) for a while, I should be much less worried about “getting things done” and just relax.

Cool – so what are you planning to do?

Well, it may sound trite, but I plan to buy a new(er) car. While I may love my current BMW very dearly, he’s finally started to succumb to the dreaded E36 rust monster. Be on the lookout for an E90 sedan w/manual & sunroof for me.

I also plan to enjoy the summer. While I’ve had sabbaticals before (thank you Lotus!), I’m really looking forward to having a whole 12 weeks of no job. I’ll do some cool stuff with my family, we’ll go visit family & friends a bunch, and I’ll do some important – or not so important, but fun – projects at home. Perhaps finishing my retro man cave, or finally organizing my entire digital life.

That sounds good – but will it help?

Not sure – I’ve never had 3 months off from my job since I started working at Lotus almost 2X years ago. But I also hope to work on a bunch of those things that I keep wanting to really do, but never seem to complete. I’m at the point in life where it’s clear to me that having more available time is more important right now than, say, income. And, #FirstWorldProblems, I am lucky enough in my career to be able to take a temporary leave from work (thanks, manager!).

Good for you. What does this have to do with me?

Well, one of the most important uses of additional free time that I can think of is to spend more time with friends! So one of the (again, stereotypical) things I hope to do is a few guy trips or dinners out with friends. Movies, good dinners, a drive somewhere, some card games, a trip to MV, or a recap of my 10th anniversary bachelor party would all be fun.

Likewise, it would be great to see families and friends, and local friends from school, and so on. We have a few weeks scheduled already, but otherwise plenty of time in the summer available now. So that’s what it does with you – I’d love to see all you friends more!

In any case, wrapping up things here at work will be quite busy until then, but do send me an email if you have cool ideas of stuff to do this summer.

Thanks for asking those great questions, by the way. That’s just what I needed to feel like I have a good start to my midlife crisis.

[1] BHD and the astute readers of my blog will of course note the discrepancy, which I will note is likely a result of stress getting the date wrong. That, or I’m just trying to be funny.