The government listened to me!

It’s a miracle! After the Inauguration, I went to the White House Contact Us page, asked politely to have them add links to CreativeCommons in the White House Copyright page (since it said they use CC-by-3.0, but didn’t display the graphic or have any links), and now it’s done! Wow!

(OK, I admit, there may well be ten thousand other geeks who did the same thing, but still – pretty cool nonetheless.)

As a bonus, check out FOIA memorandum posted, stating “In the face of doubt, openness prevails”. Excellent work. I wonder if I should Contact Us again and ask them to think about a longer term URL structure policy than just …the_press_office/FreedomofInformationAct/ Think they might want to issue another FOIA release at some time in the next four years?