We finished reading The Hobbit last night

Which we’ve been reading to Roxanne slowly as a bedtime story. One of the first things she said when Amy was done reading the last chapter was: “Can we start again tomorrow?” I was so proud.

The Hobbit is definitely one of those books that sounds better read aloud rather than just read to yourself. We’ve skipped a few parts, and massaged the reading of the story to gloss over a few of the violent or scary scenes that Roxanne didn’t like (especially at bedtime). But The Hobbit is far closer to being appropriate for kids than the rest of The Lord Of The Rings is – the adventure is just great, and Roxanne really seems to like Bilbo now.

Wow – I just noticed that among many many other editions of Tolkien-related works, Amazon also has The Hobbit: A 3-D Pop-Up Adventure. Too bad it only features 5 scenes, the reviews seem to point out that they’re beautifully done.

Any suggestions on other classics we should try reading at bedtime next? I tried reading some Fairy chapter books last night, which Roxanne likes sometimes – but it was really hard going back to the overly simple structure that most kids books use in their writing. We’re ready for some stories that are approachable for kids, but written for adults (and preferably, stories Amy and I would like!)