Universal Art Hub’ed in da House

There was quite a string of rather cutting postings on UniversalHub earlier this morning. Glad to see a few more chipper ones coming by. I could chalk this posting up to either adamg turning into Grumpy Web Guy for a day, or just to his cutting-edge local scene commentator, which is what he really is, at least in terms of online persona. Some observations include:

– Art. Yeah, we all know it when we see it. Fairly tasteful; I didn’t mind the design. Mousing over the address etc. in the bottom bar shows something interesting (who’s contributing) too. I find it rather silly that the whole website is only like a third of a browser window tall though – massive waste of the bottom of my screen.

– Do you realize you’ve been had, don’t you? They designed the arthouseboston site – notice the super trendy lowercase fonts – they knew would annoy, and got you to go and link to them, thus driving their traffic up today with hundreds of thousands of new viewers. I think their plan backfired, since the next event doesn’t seem to be until mid-June, which is faaaar too long for web memory to notice.

Damn, now the got me to link to them too. And I try hard not to be a shill, either.

– Great idea. I hope there’s someone still doing it when I want to sell my house, although I’m not sure what kind of art will fit in a 1940’s crafts-style house with smaller rooms and too much furniture. And it’s only a crafts-style house; it doesn’t have quite enough fancy wood and built-ins with filigree to really qualify. But at least the corner breakfront is in good shape and the doors close neatly, something lacking in many Meffa and Summaville double and triple deckers.

In any case, if you’re in Boston, add UH to your feed reader; it’s worth the scattering of local stories – even the turkeys. I sometimes wonder if how many other police departments are as amusingly laconic as BPDNews is.