Today is Arlington FiOS day!

As promised by the aggressive canvassers last week, this is the day for FiOS installs in Arlington. The fleet of white and red Verizon vans from across eastern MA gridded the streets of Arlington Heights this morning as they started their FiOS installs.

If you’re interested in FiOS, you’ll probably have to wait a while for an install, and probably pay more – at least that’s what their canvasser said. It was interesting: I actually spent a good 20 min discussing ISPs and phone companies with the canvassing supervisor the second time they came to my door. A simple explanation that we don’t accept unsolicited callers didn’t get him to leave, but he was interesting enough that I spent a while – on one of those rare sunny moments – just chatting.

Well, I was chatting, and he was still selling. They were definitely getting desperate – I’m betting that besides the commissions the door-to-door salespeople make, they’re having trouble achieving their new home penetration rate with their first round of installs. I wonder what it will end up being in the first round – Arlington is very dense, but it’s definitely a mixed community overall. I was still surprised they spent that long at my door even after I made it clear I wasn’t signing up with them under any circumstances. The first salesman wasn’t much; he just kept spouting the party lines. But the backup salesman / supervisor was actually interesting, and asked a few interesting questions amidst the rest of the sales pitch.

I wonder if Verizon will stop sending me their weekly junk mail now, or if it will continue with a higher pitch. I’ve got quite a large pile, and hope to make an art piece out of them someday.

P.S. Verizon, I’m lookin’ at you. If there are any problems with my existing phone or internet tonight, I’m going to be calling. Your technician hit both our POTS and Cable lines pretty hard with his ladder this morning as he was installing the neighbor’s line. Then he hit them again as he moved his ladder around. If my phone goes out, I’ll be blaming you – and most assuredly not getting your service, either. I almost wonder if this is an unwritten rule for the FiOS installers.

Happy Patriot’s Day!

Although I had grand plans of putting all the local events into a fancy calendar to ease the process of figuring out which ones to attend, sadly, that didn’t happen this year.

Patriot’s Day event information is scattered across a number of different sites, although the most comprehensive reference is Other worthwhile sites for event listings include:

  • Minute Man N.H.P. official site. If you’re attending any of these events, be sure to get there early, and pay attention to where the parking lots are. They will fill up early, and you’ll likely need to walk a ways along the 2A corridor or wait for a shuttle bus in the official parking areas.
  • Wicked Local’s listing of Concord/Lexington events.
  • Town of Arlington’s event listings. The Jason Russell House Battle reenactment is one of the hidden gems of the weekend – you can often get closer to the action than in Tower Park or in the NHP events.

Someone ping me next year if they have good ideas for a great UI for creating a public calendar. I should probably also seek out some of the BattleRoad folks (Mark!) and help them organize their website a bit – frames are so 1900’s.

Arlington, MA detailed election results

I suppose it’s not big news – certainly no surprises in terms of who Arlington voted for – other than the 84.48% turnout reported. But it’s pretty damn cool to see our town government posting the detailed results by precinct for the complete election, before 8AM the next day, as a downloadable spreadsheet.

The unofficial voting results for Arlington for the Presidential Election held on November 4, 2008 can be found here.

Now if we can get the Town to use OpenOffice, we’ll be all set! Definitely interesting reviewing the per-precinct numbers on some of the ballot questions too.

Ice Cream Alert Level: Elevated for Arlington

This is an Elevated alert level. If this were an actual emergency, an audible warning tone would sound on your refrigerator.

No dessert for Arlington Arlington is currently facing a potential ice cream and frozen dessert foods shortage. The local Stop & Shop on Mass Av in Arlington has one of it’s two frozen food aisles unplugged and emptied. No ice cream nor frozen novelties were in evidence throughout the store.

Please note, panic is not mandated at this point: verification procedures for the procurement of frozen desserts at Johnnie’s Foodmaster, the next nearest supermarket, have not yet been completed. Stop and Shop also has planned for this contingency, and lists four other stores within a 5 mile radius of zip 02476; note however that time of day and traffic conditions may require you to plan for extra time and bring your own cooler and icepacks to ensure the proper temperature conditions of your purchases.

As always, the lactose intolerant should use caution when consuming milk-containing products.

HT2UH’s French Toast Alert System, which probably won’t be operational for almost another month – although with New England weather, you never know when it’ll snow.