Wishlist: stuff and advice desired

Here’s a miscellaneous list of random bits I’m curious about learning or am desiring of possessing. Feel free to send any of these my way if you happen to be feeling especially generous any day.

  • Hydrox (cookies). Oreo, Shmoreo; give me an honest chocolate cookie with a nice solid and non-sqishy creamy filling. Heck, give me the classic, original version of something instead of the cheap copycat imitation that came along later and only won by dint of better marketing. Sealed, original packaging only. I’ll pay if still edible.
  • Tanqueray Malacca gin. Apparently it was discontinued, which I can’t understand since it was the best sipping gin I’ve ever had. (Yes, those of you who have issues with juniper should just skip to the next bullet now) Oh, my it was good – much deeper flavor than my default favorite of Bombay Sapphire. Again, will pay; I’ve thought about eBay but I don’t know how to trust that it’s still sealed in the original packaging.
  • A office manager or similar job for a friend moving to SanFran.
  • Tips on breaking into the geeky science and education market for comics and humor. No, not for me.
  • Original, historical maps of Boston and environs. I’ve decided in my old age I will want to collect maps, especially ones dealing with New England from revolutionary times to present, or with the eastern seaboard and islands. I might as well start now, eh?
  • An extra 1st edition AD&D Ecumenical Handbook. Cause you just can’t get enough C*th*l*. (OK, I admit it, this one’s just a twisted joke).
  • A way to contact Julia Child, wherever she may rest in peace. She was one of my heroes, and I regret not having written her a decent fan letter.
  • A detailed analysis of the hydration effects of beer and coffee. I.e., if you only drank one of them all day long (and nothing else with fluids in it), which would result in the least amount of hydration?

Those are just a few of the ponderings that I kind of wish I had, or had the answer to, but that I’m unlikely to get to myself.


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