iPhone features iWant

Here’s a miscellany of things I wish that my iPhone actually iDid. Note that I’m wishing on a default 1.1.3 star here, and not on a jailbreaked iPhone, since I don’t need any system maintenance hassles on something that I rely on for serious work. I tend to save my real hacking for either actual $dayjob projects or for non-critical systems.

  • Auto-repeat alarm for SMS messages. I can’t count the number of times I’ve missed a text message because it came in while in the car (and the radio was too loud) or it came while I was in another room and didn’t catch the glass chime sound.
  • An editable autocomplete dictionary. Although the iPhone’s magic “guess the word you mean” feature takes a little getting used to, it does work well. But I’d love to be able to actively edit the dictionary they use, both to add common words/names I use, and to delete a number of terms that I don’t even know where they heck they got them from. Really, guys, it can’t be that much system code to add this as a feature in the live phone.
  • More options for sound volumes. Apparently I need a really loud ringer to hear calls/text messages, but I don’t want the keyclicks to be super loud, but I do want the…

Even better, I want a case that works. Here are my ideas:

  • The iPhone by itself is lovely to hold. Smooth, the right size, and a nice solid but not heavy weight; it actually does fit in most pockets. The problem is, I’m terrified of drops and scratches on hard floors.
  • My inCase case is great. Nicely protected; it keeps the face of the phone off the table even if you put it face down, but it doesn’t get in the way of (almost) any finger gestures. The problem is, it’s sticky. Not in your hand, it feels pretty good there. But in my pockets. I simply can’t slip it into or out of any of my pockets; it always catches quite annoyingly.
  • You know what I want? A bio-sensitive force field. I’m picturing using the bio-mimetic gel packs from Voyager, so they can sense when you’re holding it. If you’re holding the iPhone, there’s no field; when you release it, an eggshell thin force field protects the phone, and provides inertial dampening to the internals in case it is dropped upon a hard surface. OK, that might be a bit of a wishlist item, I suppose.

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