Saturday: Planning meeting #1

I took an early morning flight on Saturday so I’d be able to go trick-or-treating with my daughter, which was a lot of fun the night before. JetBlue was uneventful, except for the curse of free cable TV, which caused me to not sleep as much as I needed.

Arriving at lunchtime, I seem to have missed a big chunk of the preliminary talk selection process – some of it was amazingly quick in terms of putting together preliminary track schedule ideas. We then went through a draft schedule, talked about special events, and running Apache 101 sessions during the lunchtime slots.

The whole planning team met downstairs to decide where to go for dinner, but group dynamics took over – or rather, Greg simply started walking in one direction – and we split up into a couple of groups. I followed Greg, since I still had plenty of energy and was looking forward to something interesting. We walked past Paul Prudhomme’s restaurant, which of couse on a Saturday night was packed with a 2 hour wait.

Continuing on down the street we found ourselves in front of the Chartres House Cafe, which looked pleasant enough with a nicely local menu. We all enjoyed some variant of local cuisine, whether it be red beans and rice, gumbo, po’boys, and the like. I had a hurricane to sample one of the locally famous drinks; it was good, but didn’t live up (too sweetly fruity without being exciting) to what I thought was it’s reputation. Perphaps that’s a lesson in ordering at the bar instead of at tableside, I’m not sure.

Of course I went back to my room and tried to do more work; I finished a few urgent things but left many more undone as I almost fell asleep over the laptop.

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