The Undead Ending

(We’re practicing taking the SSAT as a family, and this is the story I wrote. Wow, 25 minutes feels like an eternity when you’re starting and is no-where near long enough at the 5-minute warning…)

The Undead Ending (a short story)

The silence was overwhelming. I tried not to add any noise to it and kept my steps slow and light so as not to attract them.

This was my third round going out from my shelter. I knew before the day was over I’d need more supplies; even hiding and moving slowly when you’re scared out of your wits takes a lot of energy. Plus the bandage on my wrist was a standing reminder of my injury this morning where I fell due to a bad roll.

Slowly walking up the side of what I almost thought of as ‘my’ street, I paused to listen and look. Suddenly the blocky storefronts and straight city blocks reminded me of Minecraft, and I let out a short burst of laughter at the comparison to my situation.

Oh, crap. What was that?

I’d learned early on that they were attracted to sounds of almost all kinds. That laugh was probably loud enough to attract someone – or should I say something, since while they may still look like my gaming friends, they’re not.

The Zombie Flu came on suddenly and swiftly, and it was… well, none of that matters now that I hear some shuffling from the storefront on my left – and now I can see one down the street behind me! Where to go?

Augh! There’s a handy fire escape across the street, but I can’t climb – the bandage on my wrist reminds me of that.

Walking fast down the street, I’m hoping to get past their slow walk before their inevitable moaning attracts more.

Ah-ha, an alley just ahead, and I’m far enough ahead of the shambling to make it around the corner without much chance of being spotted. Now I just need to find the crate that’s always in this kind of alley to hide out in until they shuffle by and forget me.

Here it is – open it up quietly, quietly! Glance behind me at the alley entrance, good, they haven’t seen me. Reach inside the crate for the convenient hiding blanket I know is in there, and… hear the moan just as the zombie lying under the blanket bites into my uninjured wrist.


Well, round three was fun as a human character. Now I get to play as a zombie with my friends for round four and listen for sounds in the silence!

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