Dear future self (Time Capsule 2017)

We’re rebuilding the front steps, and since the masons are using concrete blocks, we have an opportunity to include a time capsule. Here are a few notes we’re including.

Dear Future Shane

This is a message from the past. The date is August 11th, 2017, and it was a beautiful New England summer day. We had pancakes for breakfast and plenty of coffee, and then I wrote this blog post in my office on a MacBook Air 13inch laptop that’s a few years old but that I still love using.

Since we have an opportunity to put a solid time capsule into our new front stoop, we decided to write a few messages to our future selves.

  • Be Excellent To Each Other. Yes, Bill & Ted may be a cheesy movie closing out the 1980’s (a decade of changing tastes where I grew up), but it had a good message.
  • Start work on tasks now. You don’t have to finish them, but just getting a start on something really helps later.
  • Leave time for editing. It always comes out better if you write something, sleep on it, and edit it later.
  • Family comes first. Duh. And meow.
  • Close friends come next. Duh. Maybe someday you’ll actually send birthday cards again?
  • Vote. It may be that “democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”, but it’s still something you can help, and always voting (I do) is one of those ways.
  • When in Rome… and when with So-and-so. It’s still hard to remember sometimes, but having empathy to see where the other person is coming from (or what they’re feeling about the issue) helps everyone when conflict comes around. Respectfully agree to disagree.
  • When it comes to working together, make sure people understand how the group makes (formal) decisions.
  • Open source – and open-other-things – is the future. Keep working on helping people understand how to do it.
  • Exercise. It always makes you feel better. Eating healthy is nice too –
    but food is sooooo good that’s harder to do all the time.
  • Treat everyone as an individual. Duh. Unfortunately, it seems some of the world is still having a hard time with that. I really hope it’s gotten better by the time you read this.

Dear Future Non-Shane

Welcome! If you’re not me, and don’t know who Shane was, welcome to your new home! I suppose I should first say welcome to the construction crew that was knocking the front steps on this house down – hope it’s a good job!

Shane and his family lived here happily for ~20 years. I’m married to Amy, we’ve always had cats (between one and four, depending on the year), and our daughter is now turning into an amazing young woman.

We expanded the master bedroom and we have a view of the Boston skyline in the winter, when the leaves are off the trees. I hope the giant oak is still growing on the back corner of the property; it’s beautiful and gives great shade. We cut down several of the Norway Maples on the other back corner; please feel free to cut down the rest if they’re still there (they grow too fast and too straight up).

I hope the downstairs bath still has the blue dots and lantern marble tiles – I’m quite proud of how my design all came together. And I’m hoping to rebuild the kitchen before you read this note, since it’s still the original 1940 layout and is quite cramped. If we haven’t, be sure to check under the floorboards for the super-funky original linoleum pattern.

Welcome to Arlington! It’s a great town to live in: good schools, town government, and services. The park down the street is beautiful. We’re still not as crowded-feeling as Cambridge, but we have plenty of great restaurants and just enough nice local shops in town.

Hope you enjoy your new front steps after you rebuild them! This stoop was originally built at the same time we had the sewer and water lines done, and the driveway redone, so unless something went wrong, those should still be good for years to come.

– Shane Curcuru

This message was originally written on the internet, and could be found at:

If I’m smart, you’ll still be able to read this on your laptop. Or handheld computer. Or just in your network connected consciousness. Fnord.

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