Fun coding with Apache Whimsy

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve done non-open source blogging here! Most of my time is spent at Community Over Code or speaking at conferences, building a new consulting gig up (more on that soon), or continuing work on a variety of Apache work at the Foundation level.

But I have been coding!

Of course, I was a developer for years at $previous-employer (we don’t mention that name here), but unfortunately all the code I wrote was secret. And the only volunteer time I had for Apache was working on trademarks or board issues, not digging into code.

But not being employed gives you lots of extra free time, even after spending a lot of time with family! So I’ve started writing code, but now it’s on Github and under the Apache license!

The Apache Whimsy project builds a number of web tools that visualize internal data at the ASF, and automates a number of organizational tasks for Apache projects and members. Think managing new project graduations, changing PMC membership, and running board meetings efficiently. Now that Whimsy has attracted some development interest, there are a whole host of various tools that Apache committers rely on we’re improving and bringing into the current century!

In any case, while my coding work is on and off (there are lots of other things behind the scenes at the ASF), it’s finally something I can share on Github, along with my other website work there.

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