Life is awesome

Sometimes it’s hard to get things done. There tasks at work keep changing their goalposts. Way behind on Apache email – not just because the lists are all down, although that’s pretty bad too. Grey at home and tired, and allergies, and Amy is away on a trip, and the cats have an unnatural ability to shed more fur than their own weight every week. And while basic work gets done, none of the fun stuff seems to get done enough, not much of the creative and positive things I’m really interested in finishing and doing seem to be approachable.

But really, life is awesome. It just takes perspective. From the above, we find I have a job that pays me, a volunteer career that I love, a wonderful family, and a comfortable house, and cats. So really, life is pretty awesome, as in awesomely good.

Just a reminder to self, really, that being creative is a big cheer-er-upper for me, and focusing on writing more leads to being cheerier, which leads to more writing (and doing) and generally more awesomeness all around.

Plus: secret to productivity: swimming. Any day I get in my swim (insert $your-favorite-exercise here) in before lunchtime doubles the amount of productivity for the whole day. Next: finding comfortable underwater headphones…

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