FOUND: 2011 BMW E90 in Vermillion Red! Whee!

With many thanks to the long-suffering patience of my wife, and especially the able assistance of BHD in evaluating and negotiating, I’m happy to report a very successful new car search!

My beautiful new BMW

I opted to skip the xenons and instead pay a small premium to get low low miles (under 12K) from BMW of Newport. Apparently it was previously owned by some company (it was a commercial title) that didn’t drive at all. It’s a 2011 328i sedan with xDrive, so it will be nice in the winter with the little bit of extra traction (to say nothing of BMW’s none-too-shabby traction control and the like!)

In any case, cars have come a long way in the past 18 years! Wow. While I will long miss the crisp and uber-responsive handling of my beloved 1995 E36 – unmatched in just about any other sedan made – there is a lot to enjoy in my new-to-me ride now. Bluetooth integration, heated seats and steering wheel, and tire pressure sensors (with run-flats) are just a few of the things that are pretty gee-whiz to someone used to driving a 1995 base model car.

Similarly, while I have mixed feelings overall about the engine and transmission (I caved and got automatic), overall the experience is definitely better. While it will take me a while to get used to the shifting quirks and occasional slow upshift in some situations with the default mode, overall there’s a lot more power in even the default mode, and the sport shift mode is almost as responsive as a manual.

The most important features to me, however, are twofold, and probably a bit surprising to most.

  • Power lumbar support. Sad to say, I’m at the point in life where this is a requirement in a daily driver. Nice and adjustable, I can really adjust the seat to push my back just right.
  • Folding mirrors. Not just mirrors that fold, mind you: pushing the tiny little button on the driver’s side actually folds both mirrors inwards AUTOMATICALLY! Amazing!

OK, yes, I admit, power folding mirrors are a pretty minor mechanical thing to have. What amazes me (and this shows the 18 years that passed since my last car was new) is that they come on what BMW essentially considers an entry level car! I mean, sure, I’d expect power folding mirrors on a 7 series, or Mercedes or Cadillacs, but on a 3-series? That’s just crazy! It’s like getting a working Gameboy system with your Happy Meal at a burger joint! Luxury is now available for everyone! OK, well, everyone who can afford a BMW, which I admit is not necessarily that large a percentage of the population these days.

In any case, I love it, and am glad that I won’t need to buy another new car for… well, maybe a decade, this time, instead of 15 years. And hopefully next time, it will be just because I feel the need, and not due to… an emergency or mid-life crisis occurring.

Next quest: figuring out which dealer to use for the covered/warranty service for the next couple of years. No-one seems to like Herb Chamber’s service dept., so do I drive to Gallery in Norwood, schlep all the way to Wagner in Shrewsbury (the only place I’ve actually heard good things about service), or take up BMW of Newport on their offer to dropoff a loaner and drive my car down for any scheduled service. While the convenience of having a loaner dropped off is great, I’m not sure I need the extra 200+ miles on my car when it needs the covered oil change done.

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