WANTED: 2011 BMW E90 Sedan, Value+Premium+Xenon, automatic

I’m looking for a low milage, very good condition 2011 BMW E90 328i xDrive (code: 1147) with Value package, Premium package, and Xenon headlights. I’m most likely going to get a CPO, unless an amazing private sale deal jumps in my lap; I don’t mind paying a slight premium for extra warranty and new dealer car smell.

Other nice features I might consider are Convenience package; split rear seats; active cruise control; sport steering wheel (if available). I do not want Navigation (no need) or the Sport seats (not comfy enough).

Metallic exterior colors could be any of the blues, black sapphire, red, white, or maybe the silver (need to see it in person again). Bronze and grey are right out; too muddy. I’d probably be OK with most of the interior combinations of the leather.

I’m looking to purchase in the next few weeks, and immediately thereafter will be selling my beloved 1995 E36 318i, who still drives great but is beginning to succumb to the rust monster.

Unless of course my dear friend BHD pulls another rabbit out of a hat and convinces me I need a different BMW.

One thought on “WANTED: 2011 BMW E90 Sedan, Value+Premium+Xenon, automatic

  1. I’m also planning to test drive a wagon, since I do like the look, and they seem so convenient. It depends on the handling though: I’ve heard they’re nearly as good as the sedan, although I really don’t know if the wagon mystique is worth the extra money for the same option levels as a sedan.

    I don’t need a 335i; I’ve lived with a 318i for a long time, so I’ll be more than happy enough with the base engine. I may consider a manual; I should test drive one of those. Obviously switching to an automatic takes time to get used to; even in my short test drive, the power was nice to feel, but the shifting still seemed far squishier than driving my own manual 4 cylinder.

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