WANTED: trackpad keyboard, laptop riser, IPS monitor

It’s time to update my home office. My back, neck, and eyes can’t handle the semi-cheezy setup I currently have for typing on my laptop & monitor to one side. I need some simple upgrades to fit onto my existing glass-topped desk; suggestions?

Keyboards, keyboards, keyboards! I need a new one. I like the MS ergonomic ones, with the curved keyboard and a slight break between the keycaps on each half. However I really want a keyboard with a trackpad in the middle – even better, with a little red IBM Thinkpad style pointy stick. But virtually no-one seems to make these; one of the few companies that does has totally bad reliability reviews on Amazon. Any suggestions? I actually would prefer a wired keyboard – it just stays on my desk – but either way is fine.

I end up hurting my back because my laptop screen is too low. Once I get a proper keyboard, I can raise the laptop up somehow to the correct height. But how to raise it up without having those dumb legs underneath that always get in the way of your keyboard? Should I just spring for one of those swing-arms that attaches to a laptop shelf? Or is there some sort of simple rigid holder that will keep my laptop maybe 10 inches up off the desk, with completely open space below the laptop itself?

Oh: and while I hate to spring for yet another monitor, keeping my eyesight (and thus my sanity) is probably well worth it. Anyone have personal recommendations of a good 21 to 24in widescreen, mostly used for code editing, occasionally used for streaming movies? The last time I looked for a monitor I looked for a deal on a multi-input one with speakers and HDMI and everything for a TV-replacement; now I realize I don’t really use any of those features much…

I was briefly debating investing in a Mac, but one of the key programs I need doesn’t live on Macs. So it’s not really worth the extra investment, given I’d have to do one of the VM solutions and I’d have to learn a new damn keyboard style. Plus, how the heck do you really get around on a Mac with only one mouse button?

Oh, and do Lenovo mini docks for W5xx series (not just port replicators) really cost you over $100 even used? I guess a full docking station really is only ever a business class expense, not a personal one. I hate to pay for the convenience (and the extra monitor port), but I suppose… it may be that or my sanity, and even what little is left of that is worth more than $100.

In any case, happy spring all!

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