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A number of people have asked me recently how they can help, especially in dealing with my late father Steven’s affairs. Here are a few things I could really use:

  • If you plan to attend his memorial gathering on the last weekend of January, please contact me at to let me know how you knew my father, and how many people are likely to attend. Given his long career in journalisim and mentoring in Boston throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I really have no idea how many of his old friends and co-workers are planning to attend.
  • If you did know Steven, we need your stories. I’d love to be able to actually collect some of the stories of his mentoring projects and television production derring-do. I heard many of them verbally when I was a child, but as far as I can tell so far, my father never really wrote polished stories of his exploits. Please either email me, or post comments here. Please be sure to let me know if we have permission to share publicly (here on the web) or only privately at his memorial.
  • Similarly, if you do plan to attend the memorial gathering and are willing to speak briefly about my father, please let me know. This will be an informal and non-denominational gathering, more like a chance to remember his life with others rather than any kind of funeral service.
  • If you know anyone who works at the Boston Globe, please let me know if there’s any way to figure out if they plan to run an obit for Steven or not. While I got a very nice auto-reply, they have not yet published the obit I provided (or any other one, for that matter). I may need to simply pay for a 3-line paid death notice that simply points at my online obit.
  • If you know me (Shane) personally, I don’t really need much more help at the memorial. But I would love to see you (and/or your family) socially. Find a time where we can get together for dinner sometime in the next month or so, just to do something together.
  • If you have recently dealt with the estate of a family member, what was the number one thing you wish you knew about the legal or financial issues beforehand? I think I have a good set of checklists, and plan to work with the same lawyer and accountant that my father used in the past, but other advice on that one thing I should know to do is appreciated.

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  1. Hi Shane, So far I am planning on attending the memorial for your dad. He and I worked on a number of projects for RKO and NETV, and we spent many days scouting out the tops of many of the city’s tall buildings for camera locations for the various tall ships telecasts. One of the more interesting ones was the Long Island Lighthouse, and we made it work for one of the better camera locations to catch the ships coming into the harbor under sail. Your dad and I exchanged emails a little over a month ago and he was thrilled to reconnect after all these years. We reminisced about how many rooftops we scaled and all the other logistics we had to overcome to ensure good television. Working with your dad was a treat and it was difficult at times to keep up with his 1GHz brain in a 250MHz world. I hope to see you Sunday.

  2. Dear Shane,
    At the moment, Jeanne and I are planning to attend the memorial. I’ve already spoken with someone at the Globe about the obit. He passed it on to the proper person, but has no control over what that person publishes. I also sent the information on to Nat Whittemore who hosts a monthly meeting of folks who have worked at WBZ. Mike Taibbi,who is a reporter for NBC in California sent a nice remembrance about your Dad. This email also goes to my friend at the Globe. Let’s hope it gets passed along to the right person. Hope to see you next Sunday.
    Phil Levy

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