I’ve got that post-apocalyptic feeling…

It started with some bad news over the weekend which I’ll blog later, which set an odd tone for this week. But coming into work early this morning, I definitely get the feel I’m on a movie set doing a modernistic post-apocalyptic script.

Weather and News

We had late spring snow yesterday, so while my body is telling me it should be too warm for snow, there’s still just enough snow on the grass and a few dark spots to be more than a dusting. It gives an eerie feeling, like the onset of nuclear winter.

Oh, and then there’s the news these days. ‘Nuff said.

Office Building

They’ve been doing construction downstairs in my office building lately, and the sound travels through some of the walls. It’s an annoying cross between the clanking of SkyNet robots, and the strange chittering of some little alien creatures.

But even better than that is the latest way to save money on garage lighting. The building landlord recently replaced all the lights in our underground parking garage with efficient but flickery fluorescents. But they went even further than that: 80%+ of the lights now have motion sensors, meaning they’re turned off most of the time, until you drive near them.

It’s quite an experience being in the underground garage, where most of the lights appear to be out, and there’s just this hint of chittering in the background…

The Mall

To top it all off, those post-apocalyptic movie directors even got the Galleria to participate!

  • None of the escalators are working. Possibly because of the mice scurrying along them.
  • And the elevators aren’t working right either; one keeps coming and going with no-one in it.
  • Plus, there’s a whole line of refugees in the mall, huddled along the wall, wrapped in blankets and looking a little shell shocked.

So I’m definitely hoarding the emergency food in my desk, and raiding the drink machine before anyone else gets into the office. I’ll be ready.

(Yes, it’s all true. Well, there was only one mouse; I do have pictures. Plus they were doing maintenance on the escalators & elevators.)

(Oh, the refugees? Yes, that’s true too. They’re waiting in line for their iPads. Reminiscent of an earlier day…)

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